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(recommended restaurants and bars)


Bar Imperial Plaza de Baix, 2 966461181

La Parilla del Cellar Calle San Bartolomé, 2 bajo 965793570

Restaurante Tertulia Plaza del Baix, 3 966460761

Temptacions Plaza de la Iglesia, 10 965792920

Tossele de Dalt Calle Tossal de Dalt, 3 965791316


Bar Smith Calle Toni Llído 965791862

El Clavo Plaza Almirante Bastarreche, 15 965791014

L’Esquina Cocktail Bar Avenida de la Marina Española, 25

La Bodeguilla Avenida de la Marina Española, 17

La Ya Ya Calle Andrés Lambert, 8 965791292

Pizzeria Don Angelo Avenida de Lepanto, 21 966460559

Pizzeria Napoli Avenida de la Marina Española, 10 965792258

Restaurante Azorin Calle Toni Llído – Virgen del Loreto 965794495

Restaurante Balu Calle Andrés Lambert, 3 965791298

Restaurante Calima Avenida de la Marina Española, 14 965794821

Restaurante Negros Avenida del Mediterraneo, 10 965793866

Restaurante Posito Avenida Almirante Bastarreche, 11 965793063

Restaurante Puerto Avenida Almirante Bastarreche, 11 965791064


An Shebeen Irish Tavern Avenida del Pla 965796475

La Galeria Pasio Amanecer, bloque 2 966460804

Pizzeria Nanoyo Paseo Amanecer, bloque 10 965770689

Restaurante Bon Appetit Paseo Amanecer, bloque 2 966461745

Restaurante El Labrador Avenida de la Libertat, 10 965790024

Restaurante La Boheme Paseo Amanecer, bloque 1 965791600

Restaurante La Grotta Avenida del Mediterraneo 966462040

Restaurante-Pizzeria Pepa Paseo Amanecer, bloque 3 965792572

Scallops of Javea Paseo Amanecer, bloque 10 965771488


Bar-Restaurante 121 Carretera Jesus Pobre, 121 965770230

Restaurante Don Antonio Carretera del Cabo del la Nao/Pla 966471278

Restaurante El Rancho Carretera del Cabo del la Nao, 443 965770439

Restaurante Gota de Mar Calle La Murciana, 2 965771648

Restaurante Montgó Ptda Valls, Ctra Jesus Pobre, 44 965795020


As you can see from above, there is no scarcity of places to eat and drink in the town and you can check a number of the top venues on


Montgó Vegetarians are a friendly and informal group of vegetarians, living in the beautiful Northern Costa Blanca in Spain, who seek to enjoy all the wonderful local produce our area has to offer and create genuine choices for veggies in Spain.

We organise regular ‘Vegetarian nights’ in conjuction with the talented chefs of the finest restaurants in the area, whose talents create amazing and highly varied menus combining the best of Spanish and international cuisine, to provide memorable and convivial evenings around the area.

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