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Huelva is both a small city (150,000 population) and a province in the south west of Spain. It is a very historic city and the home of the oldest football club in Spain.

Its other claim to fame is its gastronomy. As far as tourism and foreign residents moving to the area, it is very much the baby brother of all the other provinces on the Levante and south coast of Spain. There is none of the urban sprawl of the western Costa del Sol, no Benidorm-type tourism and no expat urbanisations of places like Torrevieja or Altea. That said, it has a great climate and lower house prices. There is admittedly no airport in the city bit Seville, Faro (Portugal) and Jerez de la Frontera are all approximately 100kms away.There is high speed train links to Madrid whilst and its partners offer excellent long-distance bus services from the modern bus station.

As for football, well Spanish football started in Huelva with English miners from the local Rio Tinto mines transporting the game. It is known as the cradle of Spanish football and its birth can be traced back to 1889. It also claims to be the cradle of Spanish golf although sources are less clear on that. Real Club Recreativo de Huelva, S.A.D. has had a roller-coaster history and has spent most of its life flitting between the second and third tiers. Honourable mention though to three seasons in La Liga ten years ago. The excellent Espana Estadios tells more. The photo above is theirs.

Two recent blogs by respected Spain writer, Kim Shelborn of Travelling Around Spain are worth reading to get an overview of Huelva. She writes,”Christopher Columbus (Cristóbal Colón in Spanish) is, of course, an important figure in Spanish history. What many people don’t know is that Columbus had his ships equipped and then sailed from a port in Huelva.” You can read the rest of this article on her Travelling Around Spain website. She also concludes that the beaches of Huelva are the best in Spain. “I am going to let you in on a not well-known secret in this post. The best beaches in Spain are along the coast of Huelva. As Spain is a peninsula there is no shortage of coasts and beaches, and most of them are truly fantastic—but you will have to search far and wide in the world to find beaches that compare to the natural beauty of the beaches along the coast of Huelva.” Check out this blog about her selected beaches.

Spain’s premiere blogger, Molly Sears-Piccavey recently visited Huelva to sample its gastronomic delights. She writes, ” Spanish Strawberries. Huelva is famous for producing strawberries. The fruit season begins in December and lasts until June. These beauties are Organic Strawberries at the Flor de Doñana producer. I picked this box of fresh strawberries in Mid December. The weather was cool but sunny and bright……” You can read the whole of the rest of her review on She continues that “Aracena is a charming town worth visiting in the province and the beaches of Huelva are fabulous”

For many years, Girasol Homes have been helping people move to the area. They have an intimate knowledge of the city of Huelva and its province. They will be able to help you at every stage of the process.

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Naviera Armas

There is a weekly ferry to Gran Canaria with onward travel to Tenerife from Huelva.
Journey time 26+ hours

Information and reservations: 902 456 500 – Every day 8:00 to 20:00


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