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The Oasis experience:

At the Oasis our aim is to provide you with a place that you can call home. We provide an environment where you can relax and take some time away from the hardships of travelling and just feel comfortable discovering new things or getting back to being yourself.

Set in a modern townhouse right in Toledo center, Oasis is fully equipped with modern conveniences that will make your stay pleasant and memorable.

Toledo was once the capital of Spain and it’s architectural and cultural soup make it a one of the most photogenic places in Iberia, for those who really get to know it. There are two Toledo’s. One, by day where the city’s charm can be shrouded with blankets of tour groups and day-trippers from Madrid. The other Toledo is only revealed to those who decide to hang around after the crowds disappear. Stay a couple of days in the city and she rewards you just after dusk, when the city returns to the locals and the streets take on a moody, other-worldly air.

For more information please visit the Oasis Toledo website or call (+34) 925 227 650

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