Episode 10

(Episodes 10-12 in the 12 part History of Spain with the Gazpacho-monk)

Brings us into the conflictive 1930s when the country divides into the Nationalist/Reactionary moustached ones or the scruffy Communist/Anarchic optimists – Never has a civil war been been reduced to simple labels but in this episode the Gazpachomonk does just that. And whilst doing so he looks at why the wounds – both physical and ideological of the civil war – were never allowed to heal, and asks why this is as important today as it was back in the 1930s.

Episode 11

Today we move from looking back, to focussing on the future. In the future, we are told, battles will not be fought over oil, but water. Cities like Loja have plenty, but why are many parts of Spain going thirsty? And what role does agriculture, tourism and golf play in this increasingly worrying scenario. Hang on to your irons as the Gazpachomonk dares to propose a different direction for Spain

Episode 12

The Final Episode in the Spain History Series. In this last video, the Gazpachomonk looks at food, the Med diet and the future for a country rapidly embracing the fast-food culture. Finally, the monk re-caps the series, looking back over “his-stories” whilst unashamedly inciting the world to join in the popular movements of resistance by outwardly conforming and inwardly sabotaging the complacency of the 21st century.

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