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History of Spain 2
(Episodes 4-6)

Episode 4

In this episode the days of spicy food and interesting head-ware are clearly over as the Moors are expelled and the vacuum of intellectual, cultural and culinary life that is left is filled by an authoritarian and obsessive order. Find out what happens to Spain when everyone is ordered out….

Episode 5

… the 12 part History of Spain with the Gazpacho-monk.
Contexts – forget facts its understanding the contexts that help us understand the injustices of the present. In this episode the authoritarian seeds of the Inquisition help produce the barbarism of the following centuries that will eventually culminate in the social division, intolerance and the inevitability of civil war.

Episode 6

What happens when starvation, a shortage of cheese and a peaceful protest gets you no-where? Who should you call? How about a beaded vet known as “Revolting Rafa” and his secret society. In this episode – Politics, cheese and Human rights in the 19th century in southern Spain.

Join the Gazpacho-monk on this Iberian romp where data accuracy is discarded for fable and story-telling in this 21st century mesh-up of Hispanic History.

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