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Where to live:

When moving to Granada one of the big questions is where is the best area to live. Like any city, some neighbourhoods tend to be more desirable, fashionable, affordable or convenient than others.

El Centro:
The centre contains a lot of the main touristic attractions in Granada as well as a plethora of bars, restaurants and cafes. It really does have a little bit of everything, but generally speaking when looking for accommodation it will probably be the most expensive place to rent by size of the apartment. Depending on what street you are on, noise may also be a factor to consider.

This is the neighbourhood in Granada that is currently going through the biggest changes and is very much being gentrified and renovated. This neighbourhood was formerly looked down upon by the more snobbish Granadinos and was where immigrants (African and South American) to the city traditionally settled. While the area still maintains its colourful side it is becoming increasingly popular barrio to reside in, not least due to its close proximity to the centre of the city. Note that Granada Club de Futbol play their home games in the Estadio de Los Carmenes, located to the South of the Zaidin neighbourhood, allow for large crowds in the area for all home games during the season.

Realejo :
This is certainly considered one of the more upmarket areas to live. It is especially popular with the ex-pat community in Granada and it is not uncommon to hear English and other foreign languages being spoke in the street. It is another neighbourhood that is very close to the centre of Granada (just 10min walk to cathedral); however it manages to maintain a village feel to it. It is also very well serviced by some great places to eat and drink, as well as bakeries, delicatessens and various take away options.

Plaza de Toros:
This is the area by the Bull Ring; this neighbourhood is always very popular amongst students. It is one of the most popular student areas to live because it is generally cheaper and there is a large supply of flats and apartments available to rent here on a short and long term basis. While it is largely residential there is still a range of amenities accessible, with lots of shops and supermarkets close by and all the main bus routes within walking distance. It is also noted for its variety of small bars serving cheap drinks and generous tapas.

This is the old Arab quarter and definitely one of the most romantic neighbourhoods of the city. The barrio is very much built on a hill and consists of many tight, narrow alleys and streets. This labyrinth effect makes access sometimes difficult, with many of the streets for pedestrians only and can be a tiring walk up the hill from the centre of Granada.

For many years, Girasol Homes have been helping people move to the area. They have an intimate knowledge of the city of Granada and its province. They will be able to help you at every stage of the process.

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