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Remembering the lost cities of Sefarad

Molly from the Spain blog has helped to arrange a themed cultural city break for a London based travel company. The group will visit Granada in Janaury 2014. They are interested in the Sephardic history of Spain and will be able to visit the new museum Palacio de los Olvidados as well as other historic places of the city of the Alhambra, tracing the steps of their ancestors and learn of the history of the city, guided by local company Cicerone.

The history of Granada is inextricably linked to Al-Andalus. It has a wealth of history of the three cultures. The city of Granada has a connection with the Jewish world of particular significance. For many years, the Jewish community was separated from the collective memory of Granada´s history. However over the past few months, several private initiatives have set up several projects recognising the value of the legacy of the Sephardi Jews. Places like the Museo Sefardí de la Judería and the newly opened Palacio de los Olvidados not only remind us of this legacy, but also attract Jewish tourists from all over the world, interested to learn of their ancestors past.

As the last Muslim stronghold in the Iberian Peninsula, this Nazrid city was home to Jews, Muslims and Christian citizens. The three communities lived together in relative peace for many centuries. Up until 1492, a date sadly remembered by the Sephardi Jews. The year in which the Catholic kings signed the Alhambra decree, exiling Jews from the Al Andalus. Ever since then Jewish people all over the world take an interest in their family background and roots. For them the Jewish Spain of the Middles ages is unforgotten.

With this objective, a group of British tourists will visit Granada next weekend. The private tour is organised by Jewish Heritage Tours along with the collaboration of local company Cicerone Cultura y Ocio after discovering information on the Jewish history of Granada on the blog Piccavey, written by a British blogger living in Granada.

During the visit they will learn of the history of the Jewish community of Granada, visiting the most typical areas of the city and take in the sights of capital of the Nazrid kingdom.

The group arrives on Friday 24th January and will be based in the Realejo district, the Jewish neighbourhood of Granada. That evening, they will take a guided tour around the medieval streets of the city of Granada. The tour will wander through the historic Realejo and Albaicin districts.


Afterwards the group will visit the recently opened Palacio de los Olvidados, a new museum dedicated to Sephardic culture. The route that day will end at the Museo Sefardí de Granada.

This museum recreates the culture, history, people and traditions of the Spanish Jews in Granata al-Yahud. Finally a religious ceremony will be celebrated together with some local Jewish families who currently live in Granada.

On Saturday, the route continues, the group will discover the most characteristic monument of Granada, the Palatial city of the Alhambra. The group will also be led by Cicerone around the Alhambra palace. In the afternoon the group will enjoy local dancers in a flamenco show and on Sunday enjoy free time to see other museums and monuments of the city.

This trip was organised by Jewish Heritage Tours, a specialist travel agency in Jewish history in Europe. The travel agency carefully selects the best hotels, kosher food, the best tour guides for its clients. Offering undiscovered locations and showcasing curiosities of each destination.

On this trip Cicerone was chosen as tourist Service for the group. Cicerone is a company with tourist guides who accompany the clients, offering information on the urban design, the countryside, and monuments. Cicerone informs its clients of Granada´s historic and cultural background in an easy to comprehend style, whilst entertaining them too.¨

More information:

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Cicerone Cultura y Ocio S. L.

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