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Everybody that comes to Spain has heard of Tapas. What people might not be aware of is that Granada is possibly the only city where your tapa is absolutely free with every drink that you order. Of course the quality and the quantity of your tapas can vary greatly, from a piece of ham on bread to what may look like an exquisitely prepared exotic surprise. In some bars, you will have a tapas menu to choose from, while in other establishments they work on a rotation basis and they have a set tapa for each consecutive drink.

Some of the best places to find tapas around Granada:

Babel World Fusion, as it says in the name, this place offers a global mix, from Mexico to India via Northern Africa and everywhere else as well. Delicious food, great atmosphere, friendly staff.

Macande, Right on the corner of Elvira and Tea Street, this café bar is ideally located for the ease of a weary traveler and offers a wide range to accommodate all tastes and appetites.

General areas worth checking out:

Plaza Campo de Principe – This quaint little square is a little off the beaten track, but with 5 or 6 bars and restaurants beside each other, this is a worthwhile detour to discover authentic Andalucía.

Plaza Bib-Rambla, located right in the heart of Granada just behind the cathedral, the choice of places to eat here is comprehensive. All of the restaurants cater for outdoor eating and most will have menus in English as well, be warned that you may be paying for the quality of the location as much as the quality of the food.

Calle Navas – This pedestirianised street behind the Ayuntamiento (Town Hall) overflows with bars and restaurants, again all have outdoor terraces and it is easy to take a wonder down the street and stop at whichever establishment takes your fancy. If it is traditional fried seafood you are after, Los Diamantes is a compulsory stop. For the best meat you will find; head straight for the open grill at La Abadía.


While Granada is famous for its free tapas, there are also a number of great restaurants to satisfy all types of palates and all sizes of wallets.

At the top of the list:

Restaurante San Nicolas is located just 20 meters off the western side of Plaza San Nicolas. The restaurant and patio garden are deceptively large, yet both inside and out there is a sense of intimacy and romance and boasts stunning views of the Alhambra. The cuisine is Spanish and International but essentially the culinary creation of the young head chef, Antonio Martin Martin, who certainly deserves to be better known than he is. Restaurante San Nicolas is not a restaurant to visit if you are on a budget. However if you are looking for somewhere to go for a special romantic meal, a group event or you are on holiday and you choose to eat at only one restaurant in Granada, this is the one.

For something a little more comfortable and friendly.

Casa Lopez Correa: The cuisine is primarily Italian and English. Sue, who prepares all the food, personally, is an excellent chef who has worked in some of London’s top restaurants, including Le Coq D’Or (now Langham’s) in Piccadilly during the 1970’s and the Café Royal. Later she lived in Italy for 15 years, where she honed her skills in Italian cuisine. They source all their fresh produce; meat, fish, eggs, fruit and vegetables locally in the Realejo and where possible they purchases organic. Casa Lopez is the type of place where you stop in for a bite to eat and end up staying for awhile, also a great place to meet other expats living in the area.

Another great option for something casual and tasty is Totes y Amigos. Located on the banks of the Genil river and with an outdoor terrace and views of the Sierra Nevada, on a sunny afternoon this place can’t be beaten. House specialities are the Paella served at the weekend and their home-made Sangria is arguably the finest in Granada.

Specific dining experiences:
Sushi – there are more and more Japanese restaurants opening, but Sushi Bar Wakame on Calle Martinez Campos has one of the best reputations.
Mexican – Located in the Realejo neighbourhood La Cantina Mexicana serves all of your favourite dishes.
Italian – There is of course a wide variety Italian restaurants and Pizzerias to choose from, Il Gondieliere and Mafia would be at the upper end of the scale, with many smaller places and take-aways dotted all over town.


Calle Pedro Antonio de Alarcon –This street and the surrounds are packed with all types of bars, from the small cheap rocker bars, to more swanky after office hang outs and not to forget the many local tapas bars too. This part of town is a favourite amongst students as a cheap night can be had. Pints of beer or tinto de verano can be found from just €2. It is also famous for the Chupeterías where shots are usually €1 or less. Once out and about around Pedro Antonio there are numerous bars and nightclubs to choose from and you can find the music and setting for just about any taste.

Afrodisia – reggae funky soul, this place is kicking from midnight till 3. Very reasonably priced and good place to shake that booty.

Booga – doesn’t get going until the other bars close, arriving before 3am may give you the impression that not many people like this place, but once it gets going, it gets going. With large dance floor, and two bars, this is definitely one of Granada best nightclubs in the centre of the city. Closes around 7. Cover charges vary depending on the night usually from €4 – €7. Beer €3 Mixed drinks €7

Vogue –attracts a great mix of students both local and international during the week. Friday and Saturdays tend to be a younger crowd and they like to fill it. Not for the claustrophobic.

Granada Diez – This renovated cinema has undoubtedly the best location in Granada, between Gran Via and Calle Elvira, it is hard to miss. A very vibrant student crowd during the week, weekends also attract an energetic student crowd (high school students that is)

Mae West – Attracting an older crowd this place really is like an adult’s playground, various levels and rooms catering for all tastes.

For something a little bit heavier and to enjoy international dj’s check out:
Sala el Tren – Drum and Base, techno, dub step or Copera Industrial – Electronic, house and more.

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