GuruWalk Vigo

You’ll be surprised about how much Vigo and its legendary bay have to offer. A city with a very close relationship with the sea which was home
of worldwide famous pirates, spies and treasure hunters.

I’m truly passionate about my hometown, Vigo, and Galician culture in general. Born and raised in Vigo, and being an open-minded person who loves to share knowledge, I really enjoy my walks showing the best of the city to people from all over the world. My goal is to make visitors feel like locals. Usually people feel and notice this passion on me and they often tell me about it. I love this as much as I love clappings and smiles, which, by the way, are the best currency you can be paid with.

Vigo’s wonders are still not very well known so when people come here their expectations are low. This is actually a good thing because it surprises even more. I try to make the walkers feel like they are treasure hunters while we discover together the best hidden gems around the city.

As as guru, I also love listening and getting to know people’s stories. That helps me adapt and personalise my guided tours as much as possible. I’ve learnt not to judge people or wonder too much about tips or reviews. Instead, I always put all my effort on every single tour, doesn’t matter if it’s for three or thirty people.

My guruwalk starts at the heart of Vigo, under an iconic man-mermaid statue which is already a strong declaration about the city’s character. During the walk people can discover the best of the new and the old Vigo while enjoying awesome views, smart conversations and listening to surprising local legends and fun cultural facts. My recipe also includes best plans to do in the city and surroundings and advising on Galician delicious food and my regular spots to enjoy it.

Getting to know people while sharing your knowledge about your birthplace is such a rewarding experience. I normally tell that freetours are best for everyone, even for us because since we put all our effort and passion we also enjoy the walks so much. I could talk of many great people I’ve met, some of them now friends.

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