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March Montage

More often than not, the March weather throws up a few surprises here in Galicia; this year was no exception. Damp, misty mornings characterised the beginning of the month. Busy spiders created intricate webs, hanging from dormant grapevines like carefully crocheted doilies.

From one extreme to the other: the temperature soared.

The tulips rejoiced at the warm bright sunshine.

A day of mourning followed for my friend Mariano: The Madrileño.

This glorious spring weather was an opportunity not to be missed.

There was work to do in the vineyards.
“A keen eye and a pair of razor-sharp secateurs are all that separate success from failure. Mistakes at this stage will be costly”.

Even the storks were busy: a little minor renovation work in preparation for the new arrivals.

The garden is hardly at its best at this time of year but don’t tell the pansies that.

We’re not out of the woods yet though. The icy cold of winter refuses to let go of the distant mountain tops.

The church of Canabal provides a calming backdrop for a neighbour’s horse. He’s just happy to be out in the sunshine after a long wet winter.

In the village of Sober, the flags are out, Spain and Galicia, but there’s not a breath of air.

Not a second of daylight is wasted as the work continues on – from dawn until dusk.

Throughout the day clumps of red clover brighten up the roadside verges.

Before anyone asks, no I’m not a train spotter, I just happened to find myself down by the station in Canabal.

The sun has set on another month. The clocks have leapt forward and summer is on its way.

These are my favourite snaps but which is your favourite?

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