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Digital Exposure – Springtime in Galicia a Photo Blog

These are some of my favourite snaps from April and May. There are 16 in all. I’d love to hear which your favourite 3 are. Why not post a comment and let me know? Click on the thumbnails to get full-size images.

Number 1 – April began with a spectacular display of cherry blossom, both white and pink. We’re extremely fortunate that our neighbour José has an orchard full of both.

Number 2 – The medieval fair came to town during April. Giant street jesters, atop tall stilts, entertained the crowds of onlookers.

Number 3 – At this time of year the river Cabe is at its height. Here the afternoon sunshine illuminates the Photinia Red Robin hedge as the river drifts slowly under the Romanesque bridge in the centre of Monforte de Lemos.

Number 4 – The unseasonably warm weather brings Spanish tigers out of hibernation. Until their wings have dried their survival is in the lap of the Gods; or in this case the tip of my fingers.

Number 5 – Spain’s second most visited tourist attraction – The cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. Even essential repairs can’t mask the majesty of this magnificent building.

Number 6 – El Escolapios in Monforte de Lemos: a small town with a big heart.

Number 7 – A blushing beauty in the centre of town.

Number 8 – Where legions dare to tread. The ancient Roman wall of Lugo city with the cathedral dominating the skyline.

Number 9 – Letting life float by on a relaxing boat trip along the river Sil. To the left the province of Ourense and to the right Lugo.

Number 10 – A roof with a view – Not quite on top of the world but certainly on top of the cathedral in Santiago de Compostela.

Number 11 – I’ll be your dog. If he had a euro for every snap, this Lugo city pooch would be a millionaire.

Number 12 – The lilac toned mountains of Galicia – Someone should write a song.

Number 13 – The only way is down from the cathedral roof in Santiago de Compostela.

Number 14 – The sun angles down a narrow city street in Lugo town centre.

Number 15 – I’m just nipping down the local for a pint, anyone fancy coming?

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