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Many people cross Extremadura as part of the Ruta Vía De La Plata which starts to the south in Andalucia and continues north through the region and on into Catilla y León before finishing in Asturias.

The Vía de la Plata route is based along an old communication axis in the west of Spain. Today, it is a magnificent and varied route with an international cultural and tourist potential.

The route goes across 4 regions and 7 provinces on a North-South axis of about 800 Km and more than 120.000 square kms

The open multi-thematic character of the route allows different historical, cultural and ethnographical interpretations which increases its attraction. A large tourist circuit which is capable of bringing together around the axis of towns with an important historical heritage, all the excellent natural resources and different local cultures present in the territory.

It should be noted the Vía de la Plate is not the “camino” from Seville to Santiago de Compostela although some sections are part of both routes. A comprehensive route-map (below) will indicate the differences.

For more details see this excellent English-language site.

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