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Doñana Bird Fair


Following the success of the first edition of the International Bird Fair, held last year in the Dehesa de Abajo (Seviila), we have decided to repeat this event and celebrate the II International Doñana Birdfair. Like the first edition we want it to be a great opportunity to celebrate, a large gathering of professional and amateur ornithologists, in the most spectacular moment of spring in Doñana.

We aim to be an event beyond the commercial, than a mere trade show, but a party open to all and to focus on the enjoyment of ornithology and spaces where it is celebrated. SEO / Birdlife co-organizing the event and develop numerous children’s activities. In addition, it will have a prominent place at the fairgrounds.

The event will be held from 17 to 19 April 2015 in the Dehesa de Abajo de Doñana and will include, besides the tents with exhibitors, children’s workshops, tours, photographic competitions, lectures, ornithological marathon, exhibition of art and nature and activities in Cañada de los Pájaros en Puebla del Río (Seville).


The site chosen for the celebration of the Doñana International Birdfair is the Dehesa de Abajo Nature Reserve. Located within the municipality of La Puebla del Río, less than 30 minutes away from Seville, its visitors centre and installations provide everything necessary to guarantee a successful event. It is an extremely interesting area with amazing natural values associated to three very different ecosystems: the flooded marshland, the wild olive tree forest and the pine forest.

With its 700 hectares, Dehesa de Abajo is the home of Europe’s largest colony of white storks, which build their nests in the wild olive trees partly covering the area. Some of the most representative bird species in Doñana can be found in the lagoon, called Cañada de la Rianzuela:flamingos, marbled teals, purple gallinules, white-headed ducks, coots and a large number of waterfowl, limicolae and ardeids.

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