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The hotel is an architectural jewel artfully placed in a magnificent historical setting. The slow progression of the volumes that make up the building follow a simple, unified architectural canon in harmony with its surroundings. The interior unfolds in a series of coordinated spaces that together express a natural sense of tranquillity: a metaphorical atrium that engages all the senses. The interaction of the changing natural light with the building’s architectural elements is forever evolving; it places the visitor in the serene epicentre of an artful play of real and imaginary perspectives that range from the most intimate to the most distant: shimmering reflections, asymmetries, and transparencies interwoven with colours and textures.


More than anything else, Atrio is place of unexpected encounters. It is the essence of Cáceres itself, nurtured into a concrete reality by its creators, José and Toño. Fusing all the elements a visitor could wish for into a welcoming oasis surrounded by the treasures of Extremaduran heritage, Atrio stands as testimony to the lifelong commitment of two consummate professionals devoted to the world of gastronomy and their felicitous collaboration with the award-winning architectural team of Emilio Tuñón Álvarez and Luis Moreno Mansilla.

Wine cellar

Moving and magnificent in its space contemplation, the wine cellar of Atrio is even more so from a wine producing point of view. It begins through its large selection of champagnes, with 44 wine cellars, of which 28 are small owners that uniquely prepare with their own vineyards. This is one of the keys of this wine cellar in which worldwide large and well-known respected brands exist side by side in an admirable relationship with the smallest vineyard owners, proprietors of a little more than one hectare and capable of showing us in each bottle the place where the grapes are born. In the wine cellar of there are unique collections of wines. Those brands are hear that every connoisseur fan dreams of, and not in only one year.

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Atrio Restaurante Hotel

Plaza de San Mateo 1
10003 Cáceres
Tel. +34 927 242 928
Fax. +34 927 226 045

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