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Almuñécar is a traditional Spanish town located in the heart of Costa Tropical, with a population of about 27,000. The Costa Tropical coastline is in the Granada province and is full of lovely beaches and pristine coves, paired with the beautiful backdrop of the Sierra Nevada mountains. It is just 1 hour away from the city of Granada to the north or the city of Málaga to the west.

This area tends to be less crowded than popular neighboring Costa del Sol but is just as beautiful. It still holds the Spanish charm and gives you that authentic feel, yet it is easy to get around and navigate. It is a great destination to immerse, but you also have a mix of a small expat population throughout the year.

There are plenty of things to do in Almuñécar, with outdoor activities such as parasailing, cycling, hiking, water-sports and swimming. In addition, it is full of interesting culture and history, with Roman aqueducts, historical fountains, and a castle.

In the old town center, perched high upon the hill, you will find Castillo de San Miguel, also known as St. Michael’s Castle. It’s surrounded by the whitewashed houses and pedestrian alleyways of barrio of San Miguel, which occupies the land once used by the Phoenicians and Romans. Just below the castle is Majuelo Park, with beautiful sculptures from Syria, over 200 varieties of subtropical plants, as well as the old Roman fish-salting factory.

Every Friday there is a popular outdoor Mercadillo, also known as the Friday market. The entrance is located at the Arc de Triomphe Puerta de Almuñécar, which is also the main fairgrounds during the month of August. You will find everything from household supplies and clothing, to Spanish handy crafts, souvenirs, organic honey, ceramics, jewelry, spices, music and more.

The cost of living in this area is slightly lower than Costa del Sol, but you still have plenty of restaurants, shops and plazas. You can also benefit from the free tapas offered in the Granada province. When you order your drink, you will receive free tapas. How is that for a bargain? Now you don’t always know what you are going to be getting, but there are some places which allow you to select your tapas. We have a listing of some popular places to get tapas in Almuñécar

The average temperature is 20º Centigrade (68ºF) with approximately 320 days of sunshine a year. The summer months can reach near 32º Centigrade (89ºF) and the winter months 9º Centigrade (48ºF). This makes it a very popular Spanish tourist destination in the summer, but a perfect location to enjoy a less crowded coastal city September through June. It is easy to access Almuñécar from a few locations, here are the airports closest to Almuñécar, La Herradura & Costa Tropical.

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