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GuruWalk Almeria

Who doesn´t know about Spain? The country of many countries and diverse cultures and where to get lost is always an unparalleled adventure; Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Toledo, Cordoba or Granada are some of the essential cities that never disappoint tourists.

However, other less popular hotspots have recently took-off, offering travellers their small hidden treasures. In some of these destinations time passes slowly and people live on the street enjoying a privileged climate, sheltered by the Mediterranean Sea. Indeed I am referring to Almeria, my city, where the sun has its eternal dwelling as the rainfall appears less than 30 days per year.

In cheerful Almería visitors can enjoy our fantastic cultural heritage, whose jewels are the formidable Alcazaba, one of the oldest in Spain, and the Cathedral, an example of both a temple and a fortress unique in the XVI century´s Europe. But also Almeria is fun, tapas in delicious plazas, night adventures, water sports and golf, thermal baths and a wide range of leisure and culture for any kind of travellers.

In addition, knowing Almería´s outskirts means entering into the most peculiar and beautiful landscapes of Europe, with the unspoilt & sandy beaches of Cabo de Gata Natural Reserve, the Tabernas desert´s badlands or the Alpujarra´s picturesque villages, a mountainous region of Moorish touch where taking advantage of water supposes a song to the life. These scenic attractions have made Almería a living history of cinema, since hundreds of films have been shot here, some as popular as Lawrence of Arabia, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade or How I Won the War, starring John Lennon.

Showing travellers Almeria´s treasures is what GuruWalk Almeria allows me. But also with each tour I still feel like a traveller in my own land, doing a thrilling activity while I meet great guruwalkers from all over the world that approach this corner of the Iberian Peninsula. What are you waiting for? Let the fun begin!!

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