This is Spain


Lost In The Sun

When Paradise Turns on You


In the fall of 2007 I was working as an architect in downtown San Francisco while teaching Architectural Design Studios at the University of California Berkeley. Life was good. Then, as if to perfectly synchronize with the looming world-economic meltdown, my wife became pregnant. Soon both my architectural firm and the California university system announced impending layoffs. The good life was beginning to sour quickly by the summer of 2008. As a UK citizen and former resident of Spain (as do other citizens of the European Union) my wife had free maternity and health-care available to her in Spain. On the other hand, we suddenly had no health insurance in the States. Thus, we decided to temporarily relocate to Spain, have the child there, and wait out the California budget crisis in the land of Picasso and Gaudi. Sounded doable, but little did we know…

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