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Health Insurance in Spain

If you are an expat and moving to Spain for a long period of time then be relaxed because you are in one of the best places in Europe, known for its outstanding healthcare system because Spain is the healthiest place to live in Europe. To cope up with the rising cost of healthcare, the Government of the country is carrying out audits and ensuring that everyone is paying their premiums on time. You can find hospitals and experts doctors even in the remote areas of the country.

Public healthcare in Spain is for everyone. Expats can take advantage and pay the premium through the tax system. The premium amount depends on the type of employment. The public healthcare system there is so good that you may not have to take any private insurance to top up the expenses incurred for treatment. But, if international health insurance comes under your company package, do not miss the chance, grab the opportunity and have top up cover.
Health insurance here is a part of social security, which covers pension, unemployment, and accident. Specialist’s fees and dental expenses also come under insurance cover in public hospitals. The treatment cost depends on the income level. If you are moving to Spain with a job then you will be automatically covered under the public insurance.

When you move to Spain with a job, within six days of the joining period you will receive an insurance card because your employer will have completed the required details and sent the information to the social insurance authority. Any dependent members in your family will automatically be covered once you are registered by your employer. If you are a self-employed professional then you must register yourself with public insurance and take additional cover for dependents.

There are many public and private hospitals in Spain. Most of them, excepting a few private hospitals are open for everyone covered under Health Insurance. The smart card send by the insurance authority contains your date of birth and it works as a proof for claim.

The hospital expenses in Spain are not very cheap so you must check your cover amount with the insurance company, compare the rates and make a list of hospitals that comes under your budget. This will help make sure you get fast treatment and recovery during an emergency.

International Health Care Provider in Spain

There are many International health care providers one of them such as Now Health International that offer very high coverage for everything from hospitalization to doctors’ visits. This way, the needs of people who want access to healthcare worldwide and expats are covered. It is all about finding the company that offers exactly what you need.

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