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When the talks are about global basketball supremacy, the United States will obviously be the center of attention and they will actually be the crowd-drawers even in hostile countries obviously because their team is composed of NBA superstars, who are known worldwide.


But that was then! European Teams now have the share of the spotlight in World Basketball events, mainly because of the influx of European players in the NBA. These European teams caught the world’s attention, especially Spain, who has produced NBA-caliber players and has been a perennial powerhouse in world basketball competitions in recent years.

Back then, Spain was considered as pushovers in World meets like the Olympics and World Basketball Championships. But after stunning the world with their gold-medal triumph in the 2006 World Basketball Championship in Japan, Spain turned into perennial favorites from regular cellar-dwellers.

Since that world-championship triumph, Spain has been a solid force in the world basketball scene. They bagged the silver medal in 2008 Olympics in Beijing. The Spanish team gave USA a huge scare in the finals, before eventually falling down the stretch in the gold-medal match.

Gaining a lot of confidence from their success in recent years, the Spanish team finally bagged the gold medal in the EuroBasket in 2009 after finishing second in the 1935, 1973, 1983, 1999, 2003, and 2007 editions of the European tournament that features the best teams in the continent.

Spanish players, led by Pau Gasol, also started conquering the NBA. The older Gasol, whose younger brother Mark is also playing in the NBA, has been the face of Spanish basketball in recent years. The Spanish center was a huge factor in the back-to-back championship of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Memphis Grizzlies Mark Gasol, along with Portland Trail Blazers’ Rudy Fernandez and Toronto Raptors’ Jose Calderon, has also made waves in the NBA with their exciting brand of games. Ricky Rubio, who is still playing in Europe, is also expected to take the NBA by storm when he finally decides to suit up for the Minnesota Timberwolves, the team that drafted him fifth-overall in the 2008 NBA Draft.

As the 2012 London Olympics approaches, the Spanish Men’s and also the Women’s National Teams will be on the spotlight once again. And if you want to be updated with their preparations, as well as the schedules of their tune-up matches, you can check different sites, including the, for fresh news involving the Spanish National Teams.

Spanish basketball clubs are also making waves in the different leagues in Europe like in the recently concluded EuroLeague Women tournament. Spanish powerhouse Halcon Avenida captured the title last week, after dismantling Russian Powerhouse Sparta&K Moscow. Real Madrid also qualified in the Final Four of the EuroLeague Men’s tournament and they are expected to perform well next month.

Based on the sudden influx of Spanish players in biggest basketball league in the world, and their recent success both in the World and European basketball scene, then it will be surprising if Spain will bag more world championship titles and continue their dominance in the European basketball circuit.

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