Specsavers Ópticas Santa Ponça Celebrates 8th Anniversary

STAFF at an opticians in Santa Ponca came together to celebrate the store’s 8th anniversary in May.

As they marked the anniversary, Specsavers Ópticas Santa Ponça store directors Martin Blake and Andres Roman Romero looked back on eight busy years, helping to keep local residents’ and tourists’ eyes healthy and maintain their clients’ vision to enable them to lead full lives.  

Over the last eight years, they have conducted over 28,000 eye tests.

Store Director Andres Roman Romero explains: “These eye tests are complete visual health checks. They include an exploration of the frontal area of the eye and also the back of the eye, to help us to see signs of potential health problems. They also include a pressure test to spots the signs of glaucoma to ensure the eyes are healthy.”

“As a result of these tests we have been able to write 1,200 referral letters to local doctors and ophthalmologists, regarding suspected cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma, detached retina and more. Many of these conditions can threaten sight, and early detection and treatment is essential to safeguarding vision. Thanks to the technology, we have also been able to detect more serious, life threatening problems, and advised our clients to seek treatment quickly, before more symptoms and issues arise.”

Over the years, the store has sold 30,000 pairs of glasses and 2,664 years’ worth of contact lenses – on average one year of contact lenses for every day they have been open. As well as their optical work, the store is committed to supporting charities close to home and abroad.

They have donated around 2,500 frames to charities in Africa, which distribute them in areas where access to visual care is limited. They have raised over 1,500€ for charities including The Dogs Trust, SOS Calvia, Kidney Research and ONCE. They have also worked closely with the Calvia Lions Club since 2012 to collect unwanted glasses and since 2014 they have been organising free diabetes testing events. In 2015 alone, they tested around 150 people and advised seven people to seek medical attention due to their test results.

Store Director Martin Blake also donated a kidney to save the life of his brother-in-law and in doing so inspired all eight Specsavers Ópticas stores to join him in collect funds for Spanish kidney research charity ALCER. They collected more than 1,300€ for this worthy cause.

Last but not least, they have had an agreement with C.P. Ses Quarterades school since 2016, to give a free eye test and supply a free pair of glasses to underprivileged children in the school for every 500 pairs sold in store. This offers a steady stream of free glasses for children and their families who really need it.

Fellow store director Martin Blake adds: “It’s great to look back on our achievements over the last eight years and we look forward to many more years supporting the community here in Santa Ponça.

“We’re proud to have created jobs in the community. We currently employ a team of six store staff, many of whom grew up on the island and speak English, Spanish, Mallorquín and German. Our continuous professional development programme enables us to offer our staff excellent training and opportunities for professional growth. On our eighth birthday, we’d like to thank all our team for their hard work and dedication and our loyal customers for their support. The team looks forward to meeting many new clients over the busy summer season and we’d like to remind everyone of the importance of regular eye tests. If you haven’t had your eyes tested for two years or more, please come in and make sure your eyes are healthy and your vision is good.”

The store is located in Avda. Rei Jaume 1, 117, Santa Ponça.

For more information visit www.specsavers.es or call the store at 871 964 331.

Making the move from plastic to paper

Optical chain Specsavers Opticas have decided to stop using plastic bags and started using more environmentally friendly paper bags across all eight Spanish stores since September. Specsavers Opticas in Mallorca has gone even further to reduce plastic use and help the local community do the same. They have a Cleanwave water filter in store, to provide free, filtered water to customers and the general public. Residents are welcome to bring water containers into the store and fill them from the filter, to cut down on the need to buy plastic water bottles, or use plastic cups.

The optician in Santa Ponça recycles all plastic from the store and on World Clean Up Day, the store director Martin Blake visited Mallorca’s TIRME Recycling Plant to see what happens to that plastic and also to see what else they can do to help boost recycling on the island. He was very impressed that in Mallorca, almost all waste is recycled and it motivated him to continue with applying environmentally friendly initiatives in store.

“We shall continue to recycle all plastic and are looking for ways to reduce use of plastic packaging wherever possible. We’d like to encourage residents in Santa Ponça to come and make use of the filtered water at the store, as an easy way to cut down on buying water in plastic bottles. We will also be supporting beach cleaning activities on a monthly basis in conjunction with Asociacion Ondine. I believe that we all have a responsibility to protect the environment and take steps to preserve our planet’s future, and hope that other businesses and individuals in Mallorca will follow suit.”

You can take your water bottles to the store on Avenida Rei Jaime I 117 to be refilled between 9.30am and 8pm Monday to Friday and from 10am to 1.30pm on Saturday.