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My good friend, Graham Hunt, has launched a terrific new weekly online magazine about Spain, the Spanish and expats arriving here. He says, The most famous tourist slogan for Spain just stuck. “Spain is Different” was the slogan that everyone of a certain age remembers about Spain and guess what? Spain is still different. In order to show you how Spain is still different I thought it time to bring out a new newsletter/magazine all about Spain by curating content from around the web.The first issue was put together on the 28th of December 2011 and can be found here


Issue 2 covers corrupt judges, three roundups of 2011, the Burglar who phoned the police to thank them for arresting him and much more.

Issue 3 covers the “interesting” case of Castellón/Castelló Airport This was built at a coast of 300 million euros, has had 30 million spent on advertising it …… but there are no flights and nor has it the necessary licenses to allow planes to land or depart! No problems! Let’s spend more public money on a statue to …….You will need to click through to find out who the statue honours!

Issue 4 has a completely new design, looks 100% better visually and the content is of the same high quality. Congratulations. There are interesting articles about the Garzón case where Spain’s highest profile judge is being judged! Other articles that I would like to highlight include one on Málaga and another on eating out in Madrid. Terrific stuff and all at no cost!

Issue 5 is here but remember to click on the links you need to download it. (There were so many downloads last week when I put the magazine onto the site that the site went down so this week no risks just a dropbox link to get the magazine.)

Issue 6 Lots of news and views from this week in Spain. A visit to the caves of Vall D’Uixo, the world’s first foldable car, a new 3D sound system patented in Spain, reactions to last week’s editorial, a sprinkle of corruption, a sprinkling of snow and how one village is coping with a huge windfall of cash.

Well the time has come again where I give you the next issue of Spain is Different.

Number seven is jam packed full of information. So what do you get this time?

Information on me being a total media whore 😉
Why you have to love Athletic Bilbao
Five Minutes of Fame in the Telegraph
and a whole lot more
And just as an extra in the property supplement more news on NIE numbers, repossessed properties, tax issues and some reduced price properties.


Here is the eighth issue of Spain is Different. In this one we have the following.
  1. The hand grenade masquerading as a potato
  2. The continuing farce that is Castellón airport
  3. A Marc Chagall exhibition in Madrid.
  4. The Mayor being asked to resign for being nice
  5. An article on Spanish infrastructure
  6. How the Spanish Picaresque nature is on the rise.

Issue nine is a bumper one and is here

Issue ten covers bureaucracy (again), corruption (again) and some thoughts about football. It also covers the reasons why Graham came to Spain. This is recommended reading!

Issue eleven was perhaps my favourite to date with a wide range of articles on the Fallas in Valencia, corruption (of course), stealing a cat (!) and much more. Enjoy it here.

The latest Spain is Different Issue 13 has been the most downloaded yet (Pretty Link stats are good by the way) Featured Matthew Hirtes in this one again. If you want to be featured in the next one then just send an interesting article in, (The same every week by the way)

Want to learn more about millenium olive trees, cricket in Valencia and prostitutes and bankers? I knew something would catch your attention there. The latest Spain is Different magazine (No. 14) is out now featuring me and lots of other people!

This week I thought it would be right to make the Spain is Different Magazine (No 15) a compilation of funnies! So to read about the Mayor who banned passing wind, the man who paid a fine for a dog he hasn’t got, how a minor member of the Royal Family shot himself in the foot and how a Madrid company is willing to pay you €2000 to watch the grass grow then just download the latest issue of Spain is Different and take some time out.

Issue 16 is as always a great read and with a slightly different focus and style, Graham takes it to the next level. Respect!

Issue 17 is another monster! There is a huge variety of stories from “How to Become a Prostitute” to religious tourism and urban graffiti to summer alcohol.

Issue 18 comments on 400 Athletic Bilbao fans who went to Budapest when they should have gone to Bucharest for the Europa League final with Atlético. Ooops. This and much much more here

The latest Spain is Different Number 19 is a celebration of those who write and blog about Spain. It includes a whole host of stories including but not limited to the following:

Cricket in Valencia
Visiting the Interior Of Granada
Barcelona’s Best Holiday Terraces
How Spanish Football Conquered The World (An Interview With Jimmy Burns)
Fiestas In Spain in June and July
Museums in Sevilla
The Canary Islands are Spanish but they are not really Spain
Life Rumbles on for Expats In Debt in Spain
Plenty Of Incentives Still For Moving To Spain

Spain is Different 20 can be seen here with stories including:

1) If Not France, Why Not Spain?
2) A Tourist Visit To Aragón
3) The A-Z of Seville
4) Another Day In Paradise. Out and About in Asturias
5) All About “Apartamento” Magazine
6) News About A Vaccine For Your Dogs
7) Piss Take of The Week. Paco Camps Giving Courses on Social Responsibility for Politicians
8) A Slice of Valley Living Gran Canaria Style

We are back with issue 21 of Spain is Different. Lots of features this month with talk of Eurovegas and Barcelona World, the brilliant fail that was Ecco Homo via Cecilia Gonzalez, articles by various members of my Facebook group of Writers and Bloggers about Spain and a look at issue two of the Spanish Property Magazine.

Get your copy now totally free of course and enjoy a coffee and a read of some of the lesser known stories about Spain including whether a 97 year old really did die while surfing off Estepona.

Take a look and enjoy. Comments welcome of course.

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