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The Marbles Experience

The Marbles Experience is a residential fitness and weight loss holiday where you can stay from anything between 7 nights and 4 weeks to give you a kick start into a getting back into shape and health. The experienced and professional team at The Marbles Experience work with you in all areas of exercise, nutrition and well-being and motivation.

Unlike weight loss ‘boot camps’ The Marbles Experience is a holistic programme addressing your total wellbeing including boosting your psychological will power which is important in long term weight loss and fitness improvement.
The programme WILL be tailored following your initial introductory assessment for you to receive maximum personal benefit. Every day has a full programme of activities to improve your wellbeing and start you on the right track of your life changing experience.

The Marbles Experience is aimed at helping people of all ages, shapes and abilities who choose to participate in one or more of The Marbles Experience Programmes (fitness, weight loss, toning and extreme fitness) to re-evaluate their relationships and underlying experiences with food, self-perception and lifestyle. You will find that with the combination of a programme of nutrition, exercise and counselling – we will help you to change your relationship with food and exercise and ensure you can maintain your weight loss and fitness levels when you return home. Our weight loss & fitness programme is designed to really get results during your stay.

Our programmes are designed to bring about lasting change from within. In effect, changing the way you eat and interact with food, by finding ways to change how you exercise and by exploring your inner self you can discover what prevents you from achieving a healthier, fitter and more empowered way of life.

During a one week programme average weight loss is between 6-10lbs – your success will depend on you – we will help and support you on your life changing journey. The Marbles Experience has been recommended in many a UK national magazine.

At the end of a stay with us, we hope that you will take away with you a new vigour and zest for exercise and healthy living. Also, we hope that you will realise that there is great enjoyment to be gained from partaking in regular exercise. So even though you have come to us possibly for kick starting your weight loss you will have also kick started your body into getting fit and we hope after you leave us you find even more reasons to stick to it. Not only will you have a sense of accomplishment, the break from daily stress and anxiety, the increased energy levels and mental focus, improved self-image and the sheer pleasure of moving and using your body will motivate you to make regular exercise part of your life.

You stay in fantastic rural accommodations in a realistic and stablising environment; you are exposed to everyday normality where we help you to overcome any problems you may face with food, self-esteem, weight issues, and fitness. We help you every step of the way.

Based in a fabulous settings in Andalucia, Southern Spain, you stay in either a stunning luxury cortijo or a typical Spanish rural hotel furnished and equipped with wonderful facilities. You participate in a well-structured and manageable programme designed especially with you to improve your fitness and ensure you lose weight.

With small groups of people, you receive more personal attention to help you achieve your weight loss goals and return home a fitter, more slender and healthier person.

We are also working on a number of other exciting projects surrounding weight loss, motivation and well-being and will be announcing new developments later on this year.

If you or anyone you know could benefit from a kickstart then please do get in touch with us, totally confidential via our website

At the moment we are running a summer special deal for months of July, August and September where you will also be able to participate as a day member if you so wish.

To find out more on this either email us or take a look at our website.

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