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Mai Griffin

International Artist and Author based in Jávea, Spain.

Mai Griffin has painted professionally for over 60 years. Her paintings hang in palaces, embassies, galleries and private collections all over the world – shows some of the wide range of interesting subjects she has been commissioned to paint from heads of government to young children, from monarchs to favoured pets and from wild animals to local scenes.



Mai also writes Supernatural thrillers about an artist and her family and how the past frequently intrudes into their present, occasionally wielding knives, but often just bringing uncomfortable news… kidnapping, murder, puzzles and strange events – gripping mysteries – Ngaio Marsh meets Agatha Christie meets James Herbert in a gentle mood :-). Partly set in Spain, Mai’s fourth book Haunting Shades of Grey came out in December and her next Ghostly Shades of Grey is well in hand.

In Mai’s own words:-

Since my first book “Deadly Shades of Grey” was published I have been asked several times where the inspiration came from, so I have been meaning to add a page to one of my websites for a while – just to answer that question. You will find it on the menu bar above under the title “The Past”.

The other day the nth person asked me how and why, after 60 years recognition as a professional artist, I started to write. Someone else asked how my two lives overlapped – and seemed surprised at how much writing I  had done before I was finally published. So, it has dawned on me that I really ought to start putting some of the answers down, for friends, family and anyone else who might be interested in an artist that writes – or a writer that paints! I am not the first and surely will not be the last – I just hope that you enjoy my rambles… and will not mind the spasmodic nature of my postings. Currently mid-painting and also have just started my fifth book (with my publisher breathing down my neck) you will appreciate that time is not always on my side. I will write again when I have decided where to start – at the beginning, or what I trust is late middle. I hope the end is not yet in sight!

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