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Jana P

The Guardian of Secrets and Her Deathly Pact

Mankind’s character adopts a stance whereby goodness and weakness can and does triumph over evil on a personal level even when courage fails and the cost is high. Having lived under General Franco’s dictatorship as a child and not understanding the Spanish people’s tormented past at the time, author Jana Petken reveals a moving and compelling story inspired from the history of the Spanish Civil War with her publication, “The Guardian of Secrets” (published by AuthorHouse).

This book uncovers the tale of Celia Merrill, who flees England and fights to overcome her tortured past. Love and great happiness awaits her in Spain, but when war comes, it threatens to destroy everything she has built. Her four children are scattered onto battlefields, fighting under opposing banners. In the shadow of war, an evil villain watches and waits for the opportunity to destroy her and all those she loves.

Painting a vivid picture of violence, greed, abuse, war and power, Petken imparts a stark reminder that all wars benefit only the few and destroy the majority. It also reminds readers that love is even more powerful than the destruction of a nation and the hatred of man.

“The Guardian of Secrets” will have broad appeal because of the diversity of the story and its in-depth look at a Civil War. “It is a family saga that looks at the ever changing psychological effects war brings to each family member,” says Petken. “It has a colorful spectrum of characters, all of whom the readers will love or hate, cry with or laugh at.”

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