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4th December 13:00-15:00 Malaga

The world’s most aristocratic horses owe their fame to the Andalucian breed, along with the Arab and eventually, albeit much later – the Thoroughbred. Its history is known to be before the birth of Christ and Roman writers praised the qualities of the native Spanish horse.
Of course whatever the breed there is something magical about horses and their power and beauty make them special, as does their loyalty and willingness to work hard and bring pleasure. If there is anyone who has seen ‘The War Horse’ directed by Steven Spielberg and failed to be moved to tears – surely they have no heart?

Sadly there is evidence that there are many heartless horse owners here in Spain, starting with the numbers of abandoned and mistreated horses available in rescue centres across the Country. Of course not all ill treatment is intentional and there are those who are struggling to feed their children let alone their animals along with some who are simply ignorant to equine husbandry. But undeniably there are those who are cruel.
So given that the ‘Pride of Spain’ is the ‘Pura Raza Espanol’ and Spain has endless Ferias and Fiestas showcasing these amazing creatures, you would think there would be more done to make sure that we have reason to believe that the Country values their national treasures. I accept that there is increased welfare for horses than in previous years with the introduction of the OCA codes but the reality is that this simply isn’t enough. Facebook is one place where you can see for yourself the volume of abandoned and mistreated horses and this is not even a blot on the landscape.

A small light at the end of the tunnel is that at least here in Málaga we have Concordia Márquez Director of the CYD Santa María Rescue Centre, who along with her sister Virginia and amazing volunteers have dedicated their lives to the cause of helping abandoned and mistreated horses. They not only care for the animals but successfully bring prosecutions against at least some offenders. But for these spirited people, this is no longer enough. On Tuesday 4th December 2012 in front of the DELEGACIÓN PROVINCIAL DEL GOBIERNO DE LA JUNTA DE ANDALUCÍA – there will be a protest in the name of the horses and the association will fight for their rights to be heard. Will you join them?
Protest runs from 13.00 – 15.00 at Alameda Principal – Numero 18 – Malaga.

CYD Santa Maria association and refuge, registration number G-92.703.669 and 594.832 in the First Section of the National Register of Associations do NOT receive any government grants and are completely independent from other associations – both public and private. They are, above all, a non-profit making group which does not use animals, especially as many have been abandoned and /or mistreated, for any type of commercial activities. The association appreciates any ideas and suggestions the public may have to help rescued animals but they cannot adopt ideas which involve using animals to raise money.

You can visit this amazing organisations website on and see how you can report cruelty or help the association continue its great work.

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