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Christmas in Spain

12 Videos about Spain in 12 Days for Christmas.

In 2013 a group of 12 writers and bloggers about Spain worked on a project to produce 12 videos for the 12 days of Christmas – that’s 12 x 12 videos – 144 videos about all aspects of Spain – just for you!

Firstly an overview of the project from Graham Hunt with the first video in a series of 12 about people who have come to Spain to live and work (My #WABAS12 project)

Next is the list of 12 videos from Debbie Jenkins at Native Spain

Below you will find a diverse range.

When I saw this recipe, originally using jam as the filling I couldn’t help but think how great it would be with traditional Christmas mince meat, so I tried it. Get a jar of your favourite shop-bought mince meat – or make your own (recipe coming soon).

If you love Christmas mince pies then you’ll love this new way of making them, with a Spanish twist!

Ingredients for Christmas Empanadillas – Empanadillas de Navidad
For 8 empanadillas:
250g jam (whatever flavour you prefer, or Christmas mincemeat)
250g flour
70ml oil
3 eggs
Grated rind of 1 lemon
100ml olive oil for frying

For the full recipe go here:Native Spain

This is an incredibly easy to make Spanish Turrón – a special dessert served at Christmas time all around Spain.

Ingredients For Spanish Christmas Egg Yolk Turrón
250g ground almonds
200g icing sugar
4 egg yolks
1 pod or 1 teaspoon vanilla essence
Granulated sugar for the top
Full Recipe on Native Spain

Whilst here we have a wRap-up f the #WABAS12 project

Lisa Sadleir

A summary of the last 12 days videos project and best wishes for Christmas 2013 and the coming year.

….and here is a pot potpourri of blogs, videos and random thoughts from the Wabas members and a few special friends!

Josh Taylor

Description:Twenty-something Expat’s take on life in Granada, Spain. Talks travel, food, music, winter sports, silly thoughts etc Merry Christmas

Elle and Alan

Elle and Alan from Spain Buddy would like to thank all of their readers and contributors for their support over the past year and wish you all a prosperous 2014.

Molly Sears-Piccavey

Food Culture & Travel in Spain written by Molly. Living in Granada Molly focuses on life in Andalusia and here’s her Christmas post.


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