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Here is a VERY general and ENTIRELY random list of blogs about Spain. If you have a blog about anything to do with Spain and/or the Spanish language please send me details via the contact form and I will be happy to add it.


Costa Blanca Golf Courses

Everything you could wish to know about Costa Blanca Golf Courses


Gran Canaria Local is the only regularly-updated English-language blog covering Gran Canaria. Whether you’re looking to visit on holiday or start a new life on the island, this resource is full of handy hints and top tips. Written by an expat-gone-local for future natives.


Everything you could want to know about getting married in Spain. If this is of interest, this blog is for you.


Málaga City has for too long, been “tarred” with the image of the Costa del Sol. It is not. It is a City with a stunning historical centre and architecture, amazing cultural attractions, a port to rival anywhere on the Med … and don’t even get us started on the fabulous food on offer!
In the TapasInMalaga blog we aim to share our insiders take on this wonderful city that is fast becoming “the jewel” in the Mediterranean – a City that should be on your “must visit” list.

Life With My Children

…. is about my life here in Spain with my two boys so some is about our travels here and some is about living and working in Estepona/Marbella and some is just about my family life. Click here

Fish Out of Water Madrid

This is my blog on Spain. It’s mainly about Madrid and life as an expat, but I also write about other places in Spain. Here’s the link.

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The Flexible Chef

I love living in southern Spain’s Andalucía in the Sierra Sur de Jaén between the cities of Jaén, Granada and Córdoba. It is an unspoilt part of the Iberian Peninsula and mi poco pueblo blanco is in the heart of Spain’s olive producing region where I am surrounded by zillions upon zillions of olive groves.

I suppose if you don’t like olives and the delicious greenish golden oil they produce then this place isn’t for you.

It would be dreamy of me to say that I live here alone with just my dog but I don’t. I do live here alone with my patio, roof terrace, travel wall, herb garden and Boris the spider who lives in the window between my office and patio.

And when I am not gazing at olive trees I read, cook, listen to music and write my blog.

Journey To A Dream Blog

In May 2002 my wife and I journeyed from Huddersfield, in England’s industrial north, to rural Galicia. Join us on our journey and immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and tastes of this remote and little known region of Spain.
This is our story.

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Andalucia Diary

Andalucia Diary started as a personal blog for friends and family and has evolved into a comprehensive collection of seasonal travel notes from across Andalucia’s eight provinces. Posts include information and tips on where to stay, things to see and do, great places to eat as well as photography of the region’s beautiful natural spaces and historic cities, towns and villages.


A Foot in Two Campos

Tamara’s blog aims to be more than just a travel blog or the story of a newcomer in Spain. She challenges stereotypes, waxes lyrical about the minutiae of life in her pueblo, contrasts it with UK life, and occasionally gets philosophical. There’s usually a dash of humour, and often a language point to help other students of Spanish. “A Foot in Two Campos” has been responsible for a surprising boost in tourism to Colmenar – up from seven to seventeen!


Family Life in Spain

We are a British family living and loving life in the beautiful village of Mijas Pueblo, in Malaga, Andalucía in the South of Spain.

We chose Mijas as our home as Andalucía has a special something that pulls you and doesn’t let you go. It has so much to offer to so many people. As the saying goes: “Andalucía … sólo hay una” (There is only one!).

Our website and blog has been, work in progress, for many years and is a culmination of:

Our desire to enhance our own Family Life in Spain, by discovering more about what Spain has to offer
Our wish to have a diary of our family life
Our thirst for discovering new places and travelling whenever possible
Our ability to give others a genuine account of Family Life in Spain
Our desire to share our experiences and knowledge with others considering relocating to Spain
A need to keep people informed of the changes in Spanish procedures, laws and regulations to help us all maximise our enjoyment of Family life in Spain
We started blogging in October 2010. The idea is that our site grows with our children. Our lives are focused around them and, thanks to them, we are learning more about the country we have chosen to make our home and slowly expanding our travels to more distant shores.


Becoming Sevillana


New Campo Pulse

The reflections of a long-time resident. Based near Gibraltar.


Costa Blanca Blues

The first and only blog in Spain celebrating and sharing the Blues!


We are – an informative, fun guide to Spain

Costa Connected for all things social media and technology, to help you get more out of life in Spain. Also published weekly in Costa News

FPS Logo

Financial Pages in Spain
is an INFORMATION blog for both resident expats & non-resident property owners in Spain


My guide to Galicia by Inka Piegsa-quischotte.


Garlic and Olive Oil

Garlic and Olive Oil is a blog that deals with Sandra Staas’s experiences living in Spain in the seventies and eighties. It’s a lighthearted account of what life was like in Cadiz, Talavera de la Reina, and Tarragona.

Capture The clue to what this blog is about is in the title – it’s all about Sandra’s life in Spain – the good, the bad, the ugly but most of all the quirky and the enjoyable. Sandra has been living in Algorfa on the Costa Blanca for 6 years now, and in that time, she’s learned a lot of stuff that could be useful to others, and had some great experiences that really should be shared. If you want Regurgitated Guide Book, this blog probably isn’t for you, but if you’re looking for a personal, no-nonsense take on what life in Spain is really like, then you’ll love it.

CarolineAngus Baker

Book reviews, Valencia history and architecture, Spanish civil war and Franco regime stories, updating 1-2 times a week.


English Language blog about Mataró and the Costa Maresme in Catalonia


Toma Tours

The Spain Travel blog by Toma Tours is the perfect place to explore “The Spain You Never Knew” and get the most out of your visit. Here you can read Duende-seeking Manni Coe’s tales of travelling around Andalusia, and Lindsay also shares a little of what makes the south of Spain so very special.


Move to Málaga everything you need to know to move to Málaga successfully


The Spanish Property Network is a collaboration of property professionals in Spain. We find the best property for you, by working with our carefully selected and professional property finders, across Spain and the islands.


Help in Spain
…..for when you need FACTS


Looking to make the move to Spain? COMO Consulting Spain is your one-stop shop for information regarding immigration issues from the USA and Canada, job searching and visa queries. As two seasoned expats, Cat Gaa and Hayley Salvo share their insight into moving to, working in and traveling around Spain.


Sunshine and Siestas is a virtual love letter to expat life in Andalucía. At age 22, Chicago native Cat Gaa left the skyscrapers of the Second City for Southern Spain’s olive groves, acquiring a profession, a husband and a love for siestas along the way. Her award-winning blog is a reference for Spanish food and culture with a hint of sass.

Speekee-Body-Maquette-720x340 about Spanish and language learning. Updated once a week

Oh , hello Spain

Oh, hello, Spain ….. musings from Madrid


The Luxury Villa Collection

Newly launched, the Luxury Villa Collection’s Spanish travel blog offers inspiration for visiting Spain in Style, with a side-order of rest and relaxation. Curated by Lindsay Gregory, this blog is the perfect appetizer for your next stay under the Spanish sun.

A website packed with all the essential information and inspiration you’ll need to plan a trip to Granada.

NativeSpain1 – Eat | Explore | Experience Spain – I’m Debs Jenkins the author of Buying Property in Murcia, and the co-author of Going Native In Murcia, Spanish Village Cooking – Recetas del Campo & Spanish Cooking Uncovered: Farmhouse Favourites.

This site is about living and working in Spain and enjoying your time here. It’s more than just a tourist guide, we aim to help you settle and enjoy your new life as a Native in Spain! We also share loads of wonderful Spanish recipes to make your mouth water.


La Palma – The jewel of the Canary Islands I originally came to La Palma to work as a software engineer at the British telescopes in 1990. I fell in love with the island somewhere between the aeroplane and the arrivals hall. A year later, I fell in love with a local man who I met in the Isaac Newton Telescope (under the stars in the heart-shaped island). The observatory job lasted twelve years, and by the time I was made redundant, I was married with a son. So I retrained as a tour guide and turned my hobby of writing into a business. After twenty four years here, I still look at the scenery and think, “Wow. I don’t have to go home on Saturday. I live here!”


Star Island

La Palma, in the Canary Islands, has the clearest night sky on the planet. It’s a wonderful place for astronomy, both professional and amateur.

This website aims to help you enjoy this amazing window onto the immensity of the universe.
The site’s owner and author, Sheila Crosby, wrote a book about the professional observatory at the Roque de Los Muchachos on La Palma, worked for twelve years.


A Pebble in the Atlantic – All about the island of El Hierro

El Hierro is the smallest of the Canary Islands. This blog aims to help you get the most out of your stay.


Big Lovely Day – Bringing up children in Andalucia. An expat mom blog about life in Andalucia with three children focusing on fun stuff to do, the beautiful landscape here, good restaurants and fiestas and living life to the full.


Inclusion of any blog on this list implies no recommendation and exclusion probably only means that I do not know about it! It’s that simple! If you are an enthusiastic blogger or writer you may wish to apply to join one or both of two Facebook groups for writers WABAS and WOS. I am am active member of both.



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