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The Glass House was launched in 2015 as a refreshing alternative to most online magazines and blogs catered to women. Unlike the ubiquitous ‘Mummy Blogs’, The Glass House represents women with a brain and a loud voice, females of all ages and backgrounds. Women that want to read about matters that concern them – be it frivolous, humourous, controversial or serious – in a safe environment of non-judgment and openness.

Covering a wide range of topics concerning women of today (from family and relationships, health and sex, to politics and travel), its articles are written with a tongue firmly in cheek and a glint in the eye. The site also includes recipes, tips and quizzes.

The Glass House is unique in that it is designed like a woman’s home, with each article categorized into different rooms (Bedroom for sex and relaxation articles; Nursery for blogs about mothering, Bathroom for health and beauty etc). Unlike other blogs, it is not written by one writer but THREE – Lady Lolita, Miss Pollyanna and The Duchess – all of which have very distinct personalities and voices. Reading The Glass House blogzine is like having a gossip with close friends, all different but all thinking the same thing!

The Glass House is also under renovation and will shortly be opening more ‘Rooms’ including a Showcase Room where the Glass House Girls will be reviewing products, a Book Club for book reviews and a Guest Room, where they will be sharing articles from contributing Writers in Residence.

The Glass House is opening doors to a new interactive online experience. It’s giving women the opportunity to finally be unafraid to say what they think, feel empowered and have fun while doing so. So pop in and say hi to the Glass House Girls…they always have a cocktail waiting and lots to talk about!

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