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Will you help a friend?

All of us at ThisIsSpain are trying to help a friend’s son fulfill a dream.
Will you help, please? It’s a simple 60 second request.

Mission: Vote for candidate number 243 on The boy wants to go to Madrid to meet the top basketball players in Spain who play in the Endesa league. If he is in the top 20, he also gets the chance to star in a television advert with them.

The website is in Spanish so I have included detailed instructions below. The short version is to click on the VOTAR button and follow the instructions if you can speak Spanish. Otherwise, just follow the steps below:

1. Go to – the video will show at the top of the page titled “Casting Liga Endesa – Solo El Mejor como Ricky Rubio”.

2. Click on the button VOTAR at the bottom right of that video.

3. Message will appear saying “Para votar debes hacer Login con tu cuenta de Facebook” (to vote you have to login with your Facebook account). Click OK.

4. Login to your Facebook account in the pop-up window (message above login boxes says “Inicia sesión para utilizar tu cuenta de Facebook con Casting Liga Endesa”).

5. You are then taken to the page with the Casting LIga Endesa logo – click on the Login to Facebook button.

6. You will see a popup box saying “Tu voto ha sido enviado correctamente” = Success! The number next to the VOTAR button should have increased by 1.

Thank you for helping make a young boys dream come true!

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