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About Dave Bull

Dave Bull has been living and working in Spain since 2000 and nowadays he tends to write about his experiences and observations on living life as an expat in Spain.

Always from his own “different” perspective, he publishes one of the most successful magazines on the Costa Blanca and has been the Editor for two regional expat newspapers.

Clearly not professionally trained as a writer, he tries his best but really should go back to selling pies for a living. However, if you have nothing better to do, have a read and a laugh about Dave’s experiences at the hands of the Spanish – where he reveals, as ever, in his own unique style just what some of us expats get up to in Spain.

Having had his own radio shows and with his new ‘One Man Show’ he is well known on the Costa Blanca and becoming a recognised name throughout the expat community in Spain and beyond.

Read more at which is a direct link to the latest edition of the magazine. Enjoy!

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