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Be Unique Belt

The company, Be Unique Belt and its founders are based in a little, picturesque town, Benaque in the hills near the beautiful town of Málaga in Andalucía, Spain, creating unique belt designs for fashionable people who like to be unique.

Benaque is only 30 minutes by car from the center of Malaga but it still has the authentic, white pueblo houses, where generation after generation have lived all their life. This beautiful place has inspired the founders of Be Unique Belt to create something new to the fashion world.

The founders, Anne and Jorgen are an artistic couple from Denmark – he makes sculptures in wood and she is a painter making art on canvas, glass and painting murals. They commented: “We both love the landscape, the weather, the Spanish food and the easygoing people here in Southern Spain, so we moved down here two years ago. We also have a passion for fashion, so we got the idea of making something unique in this field, that was affordable in price and which could make any outfit look fashionable and yet at the same time make the person, who wears it, simply unique.

We both love to make designs for these hand-assembled jewellery belt sets, which can be seen at our webpage @Be Unique Belt . These belt sets have been made to be really easy for the customer to change in many ways, giving them endless opportunities to wear for any occasion.

Because the customer can change the belts in many different ways, also by adding new design items, which we regularly add to our webpage, it’s an evolving product which can be made to be exactly what the customer wants. Throughout 2014 we have been sourcing the best quality materials including gold and silver plated steel chains to create these designer belts which are both fashion pieces and jewellery. These high quality materials mean that the customer can enjoy the belt in its many forms for many years ahead.”

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