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50+ Expo

AIA-ArtGroup Artists

Come along and see some new artwork by the AIA-ArtGroup Artists at the Betriz Palace IPV Hotel beside Fuengirola Castillo Sohail.

Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th November 2018.

Daily 14-19 h

The AIA Art Group was formed in 2004 by professional and dedicated visual artists from around Europe who are all living and working in Andalucía.

The AIA are a Spanish nationally registered Group.

The Andalusian Internatioluded Artists art group will be displaying their new works at the show.

Selected Artworks will be included by Dolores Cummiskey, Juan Cruz Plaza, Richard Wood, Enrique Linaza, Roger Cummiskey, Auli Suvanto Salokannel, Mike Fitzharris.

Supported by STL Ltd. Ireland. ( Ireland’s website for people that do not act their age.

Fun Event.

“I can’t Draw!”

“Yes, You Can!”

There will be a demonstration for complete amateur Sketchers each day from 14-15:30 h. by The President of the AIA, Roger Cummiskey.

Bring your own paper (A4 size), A Felt Tip pen (10 to 20) and a sharp Pencil (2B). You will be participating in this event and bringing your masterpieces home with you!.

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