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Which Late Summer Spanish holiday destinations Costa-lot?

* research finds Costa del Sol is by far the most inexpensive holiday resort in Spain for a late summer getaway
* Barcelona is the most expensive destination overall, and also has the most expensive hotel rooms
* A taxi in Costa Blanca costs approximately twice as much as a cab in Costa del Sol

There’s still time to book a getaway to Spain before the end of the summer. Average temperatures in the Spanish Costas reach 23 degrees in September, compared to around 13 degrees back in the UK.

And if you are looking to enjoy more and spend less, new research finds the Costa del Sol is by far the cheapest resort for an end of September getaway.

The team at compared the average price of holiday essentials – including flights, hotel rooms, drinks, taxi and a meal for one – across popular Spanish holiday destinations. While the sun-drenched Costa del Sol was the cheapest the most expensive was the capital Barcelona, where hotels and eating out were more expensive that elsewhere in Spain.

The second most expensive resort were the Baleric Islands – the average of Mallorca, Minorca and Ibiza combined – followed by the Canary Islands and the Costa Blanca.

The research also found that the Canary Islands are almost twice as expensive to fly to as other Spanish airports – with an average price of £275. However, hotels in the Canary Islands averaged just £389 for seven nights, the cheapest in the poll – by comparison, hotel rooms in Barcelona averaged £836 for seven nights.

Drinks on the party islands of Ibiza, Mallorca and Minorca were the most expensive on average in the poll, perhaps unsurprisingly considering the overheads of the so-called superclubs in the Balearic Islands. The average round of drinks was 13 per cent more expensive in the Balearics than in Barcelona, and a whopping 40 per cent more expensive than the Canary Islands.

The Costa del Sol boasted the joint average cheapest flights, the second cheapest hotel rooms mid-range drinks and food but the cheapest taxis in the poll, which used additional data from

Daniel Abrahams, MD of, said: “Barcelona may prove popular with culture vultures but the hotel prices in particular will take a large chunk out of your holiday money. You are better off joining the expats on the Costa del Sol, for a sunshine break that won’t break the bank.

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● is an independent and impartial online comparison-shopping service for travel money. The custom built technology allows customers to compare live travel money prices from the major regulated players.
● The above research is based on data gathered on 22/08/13 from, and Full methodology available on request.

About is an online comparison-shopping service for travel money. The custom built technology allows customers to compare live travel money prices from the major regulated players.

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