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Steve Clarke…Entrepreneur, Author, Columnist, Motivational Speaker, Sales Mentor… Doer!

Steve is one of the UK’s leading experts on grassroots sales and marketing strategies. Not a theorist or a guru, but a doer.

Steve is very proud to be a member of an elite team of business mentors chosen by The Entrepreneurs Business Academy which James Caan from BBC TV’s Dragon’s Den spearheads with Founder, Bev James.

He left school at the age of 16 with no qualifications. At 18 he became engrossed in the power of personal development and goal setting. At 19 with a fresh attitude and determination to succeed he found his niche in sales. Shortly thereafter he was invited to become a director of his first company.

Since then he has owned and operated business in the UK and USA. He has taken them from start up to stock market floatation.

He helped grow his last UK business from scratch to £30 million in revenues in just 8 years, becoming one of the “Times Top 100″ fasted growing and profitable SME’s in the country in the process. In 2005 the company was sold and he was able to retire at the age of 45.

Now he spends much of his time working with entrepreneurs that want to achieve growth and success through improved sales and marketing. Numerous business owners can point directly to Steve’s low cost or even no cost strategies, that once implemented have delivered incredible results and quickly too.

“I did as you suggested and landed a contract the very next day for over £20,000 thank you!” Adamo Spilletti – ZZani Skills Ltd.

“Sales are up 115% over the the previous year – I’d recommend Steve to anyone wanting to boost their sales.” Carol Green – Ambassador Marquees

Steve, is also a business columnist and author of “How To Thrive Not Just Survive”, in which he shares his simple proven formula for business success.

He willingly has shares his knowledge in the hope that he will inspire others to achieve their goals and aspirations.

Charismatic, straight-talking, with a wealth of business savvy and a list of successes behind him, Steve provides an excellent point of focus for any business function resulting in a punchy, often humorous and poignant experience for all involved.

Steve can draw upon his years of business experience coupled with very amusing personal anecdotes to entertain and educate with subject matter that audiences can easily relate to and appreciate.

He has lectured at Universities and is often engaged as a keynote motivational speaker internationally. His clients include Barclays Bank, Lloyds Bank, The IOD, Business Link, The FSB, many regional Chambers of Commerce including The British Chambers in Spain, The Entrepreneurs Business Academy, AIHHP, Chemdry, Radio Electrical and TV Retailers Assoc. (RETRA) and many other corporate clients.

Steve lives by his mantra… “It’s your attitude that determines your altitude”

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