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How to live longer with a good quality of life?

We perform a natural selection of the olive of the day, which are at a degree of medium maturation, e.g. which is neither green nor last, whereby the fruit has a high level of polyphenols. One hundred percent natural, a process different from the usual grinding, which makes maintaining a higher antioxidant concentration.

Directly from the South of Spain, in Andalusia, we offer the best extra virgin olive oil, cold-pressed oil, which retains all the antioxidants and nutrients of the oil. An oil that nature provides us, the best natural juice that humans can take.

If we want to have a higher quality and longer life, we must take every day a couple of tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, either raw, accompanying salads or directly in the preparation of meals. Extra Virgin Olive Oil will:

• Retain properties and essential nutrients that your body needs.
• The extra virgin olive oil is the only natural juice obtained directly from the fruit (olive).
• The only vegetable fat that is more beneficial to health
• Integral food of the Mediterranean diet
• Food heritage
• Increased life span
• Directly from the tree to the bottle
• Nature provides us with a real natural antioxidant
• Unique for its antioxidant properties to the human body
• A distinctive flavor and aroma that makes it unique
• Does not undergo any chemical change in the process
• No additives
• All natural


Our most natural juice carries a very careful process, between phases we start by milling or grinding. Why do we focus on it? Because to get the olive oil, the first step is grinding of the olives, which aims to break the cells of the pulp (beef olives) and cause oil leakage. This grinding is carried out at temperatures between 29 ºC – 30 ºC, but our oil is obtained with a grinding between 19 ºC to 20 ºC. What is the difference between milling at one temperature or another? The difference is that with grinding at higher temperatures, there is a greater tendency to destruction of polyphenols and antioxidants from the olive, and in the cold pressing that destruction is less pronounced, producing an oil that is of higher quality and performance, providing human nature-natural juice, juice full of healthful properties and a juice that if taken every day, will provide very good health benefits.

The extra virgin olive oil is a staple in our daily diet for healthy effects transmitted. The extra virgin olive oil is the only natural juice that nature provides us.

The extra virgin olive oil cold pressed is the most important food in the Mediterranean diet, in its beneficial effects on health. These effects may be attributed both to their high content of monounsaturated fatty acids as the presence of antioxidants. Recent studies on the prevention of some diseases can confirm that there are substances “cardio” in the Mediterranean diet, of which the most important are antioxidants, with a special presence in EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL, COLD grinding. Among the health benefits it brings to our health can include:

Health Benefits

After years of research, has demonstrated why it is so important to include extra virgin olive oil in our diet:
• Reduces cholesterol level.
• Reduces the risk of heart attack.
• Reduces the likelihood of arterial thrombosis.
• Reduces gastric acidity.
• Provides effective action to protect against ulcers and gastritis.
• It stimulates the secretion of bile, and is better absorbed by the intestine.
• Regulates bowel movement.
• Benefits our bone growth and allows excellent bone mineralization.

It is most suitable to prevent spoilage of age effects on brain function and especially the aging of tissues and organs in general.
Reduces cholesterol (LDL)

Its antioxidant action prevents cellular aging.
– Reduces blood sugar levels in diabetics
– Prevents excess cholesterol increase
– Slow down the risk of gastric ulcers
– Improves bone calcification
– Protects the skin, the epidermis acting as protector
– Improves metabolism
-Tissue regeneration and avoids the risk to the formation of tumors.
– Combat constipation effectively.

In addition to these health benefits, olive oil is a perfect seasoning for any recipe of any dish as it will bring a special flavor to dishes, filling them with fresh scent.

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Olive Oil Composition

Extra virgin olive oil, base product of the Mediterranean diet, is increasingly important in the diet of several countries due to its beneficial effects on human health. Epidemiological studies on the Mediterranean populations have highlighted the correlation between olive oil intake and cardiovascular risk reduction (Mataix, 1988). Furthermore, the data available so far allow us to establish a positive relationship between a decreased risk of developing tumors. Some of these effects appear to be associated with the content of phenolic compounds (Yang et al., 2001) and a high amount of oleic acid, in addition to tocopherols present in the extra virgin olive oils.

Olive oil is very beneficial for health, as it increases the proportion of HDL cholesterol. Note that all olive oils have a high proportion of unsaturated fats or good, this causes the oil at room temperature to be in liquid state. Oils, in addition to containing different percentages of fatty acids depending of its type, also contain vitamin E, lecithin and estades.

Much of the importance of consuming vegetable oils, especially olive oil, is because they are virtually the only or most important source of certain fats that are essential for our body: these are called unsaturated fats. The higher the percentage, the more beneficial to our health consumption. Olive oil has a lowering effect on blood cholesterol levels and, therefore, has an anti-arteriosclerosis, namely olive oil is cardio-protective. The best way to consume olive oil is in raw form, which is as better maintain their properties.

Olive oil is the most suitable for the diets of athletes. Promotes gallbladder emptying. It is also used as a liniment for burns. Regular consumption of this oil is linked to an increase in “good” cholesterol and a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease. It has a lowering effect on blood cholesterol levels.

In addition …

To the outside of our body is great because it gives us :

Skin elasticity and hydration in our skin, hair and nails .
Eye Makeup Remover.
Repairing hair before washing your hair, massage, hold for 5 minutes and wash, rinse thoroughly.

Did you know … ? ?

EVOO … has been in our culture since ancient times. It was introduced into Europe by the Phoenicians. EVOO helps our body stay younger and healthy for a long time.

You want to lose it??


…….. “Your health is your wealth”

Care of your health, take care of your family

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