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Molino de Batán

The estate covers an area of in total 3.500 m2. At the entrance of the enclosure there is an area of approximately 170 m2, where you can celebrate a welcome cocktail; but that you also can us for an outside diner of a 150 people (300 people standing).

The main lounge of approximately 510 m2 is made out of wood with just one pillar in the middle to hold the whole structure up, and can hold 410 persons in a ´gala-type´ setting (round tables for 10 persons), 600 persons in a ´theater-type´ setting, 300 persons in a ´school-type´ setting and 1000 – 1200 if it´s a cocktail.

The roof of the lounge has a pyramid shape. That means that the lowest point is 3m high, these are the outside walls, and the highest point in the middle 5.5m.

In the enclosure stands an ancient house of the XX century where you will find the old remains of the Molino de Batán (the Mill of Batán). In the future this beautiful monument will be restored and will be transformed in a ´a la carte´ restaurant with little private rooms. Furthermore there is a garden with lots of vegetation, fountains and a small lake.

Other very important aspects are the parking with a capacity of 300 cars, easy access from and to the highway Málaga-Marbella (1 km), the nature that surrounds the complex and the proximity of the Malaga airport (8 km).

The flexibility to adapt to any kind of situation is the keystone of our service. And in the few years of our existence this flexibility has made it possible to work on a regular base with clients such as: TOYOTA, LABORATORIOS ROCHE, CATERPILLAR, SUZUKI, HYUNDAI, LABORATORIOS ALMIRALL, LABORATORIOS ANDRÓMACO, DANONE, SCHINDLER, ASEA BROWN BOVERY, SAUNIER DUVAL, ALANDA CLUB (Four Seasons), GRUPO WELLA, UNICAJA, S.E.B. PRIVATE BANK (Sweden), LABORATORIOS PFIZER, MÁLAGA C.F., GRUPO ULTRAMAR-TUI, CARREFOUR, and a lot more clients with very different activities. For them we have organized candlelight-diners, spectacles, product-presentations, business reunions, award handovers, etc. And all this in a incomparable surrounding of splashing fountains and a beautiful lighted garden.

Please don´t hesitate to contact us for any further information.

Yours sincerely,

Camino de los pinares s/n
Telf. 952 380025

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