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Tribute Bands

From AC/BC to ZZ TIP-TOP, Tribute bands are on a stage near you!

Everybody has their favourite band but not everybody will get the chance to see them play live. Luckily, most of us have the good fortune to be able to experience a live performance by a tribute band that exists to bring the music and atmosphere of the original band to the stage of smaller clubs and music venues around Europe.
Whether you want to relive the music of a band who are no longer with us or a band that’s still going strong but that simply can’t tour often enough to give everybody the opportunity to enjoy their music, somebody will have put together a tribute to them.

Long gone are the days when tribute bands were seen as “cheap copies” cashing in on the success of the original. These days they’re highly professional outfits that spend their spare time studying their chosen performer and rehearsing to get every sound as close to the original as possible. Some tribute bands have even been “accused” of being better than the original, if that’s possible!

One of the most successful tribute bands is the Australian Pink Floyd – “Aussie Floyd” – who are filling stadiums all over the world and have had former Pink Floyd band members such as Durga McBroom sing with them.


Contrary to popular belief, not all tribute bands are so-called “look-a-like” bands. Although there are bands that have worked hard to closely resemble the performers they’re copying, there are also those who are more concerned with maintaining the spirit of the music rather than looking like their chosen artist. With that in mind, don’t be surprised if you go along to your local music club to see a tribute band only to find that they look nothing like the original.

Many bands perform “A tribute to…” which is their homage to a band they admire and respect. We have a prime example of this on the Costa del Sol with Andy Claridge and Steve Nelson’s Band and their “Pink Floyd tribute”, a show they have taken many years to perfect. They performed last summer to a full house at the Mijas auditorium proving that it is the music that matters, so much so they are returning this year in the Hot Summer Nights season!

Tribute bands play all across Europe and are well worth seeing. Enjoy the music and emerge yourself in the kind of atmosphere that only good musicians can create while spending only a fraction of the cost of seeing the original performer play live.

Tribute stones

Tribute bands playing in the Málaga region this summer;

MIJAS auditorium – Hot Summer Nights – June and August 2015
George Mileson Band – Tribute to Bruce Springsteen
Bon Giovi – Bon Jovi Tribute band
Desperados – Tribuite to the Eagles
Echoes of Pink Floyd (Andy Claridge and Steve Nelson band) – Tribute to Pink Floyd
Deeper Purple – Deep Purple Tribute band

Tickets: 95 266 1819 or

Rhodes Rock Espana – Benalmadena, Spain
Dio Rising – Ronnie James Dio tribute
Fleetwood Bac – Fleetwood Mac tribute
Viva Santana – Santana tribute
Live wire – AC/DC tribute

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