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Marion Leigh

The Politician’s Daughter

The Politician’s Daughter is the first novel of Marion Leigh, a part-time resident of Marbella who is already working on the follow-up novel in the series about Canadian marine unit investigator Petra Minx. Highly trained, intelligent, determined and yes, a little foxy as her name suggests, Petra is also very much a multi-layered human being with all the failings that entails.

The genre is a classic one whilst the settings and situations are thoroughly modern. The plot is well laid out, the tempo pacey and Marion Leigh sets the scene very well, introducing us to glamorous locations such as the French Riviera and Marbella as we meet the various faces and personalities that inhabit this world of wealth and power. It certainly is seductive, and before you know it this fast-paced detective thriller with a difference will have you racing towards the final pages to find out how it all unravels.

As for the scenes and boating she describes, Marion Leigh is an experienced yachtswoman and one senses she knows more than a little of what goes on aboard those stunning super yachts. No wonder the feedback from critics, publishers and readers alike has been fantastic.

The Politician’s Daughter is available online though the author’s website: and


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