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What is Vime Resort Living Marbella?

Quality of life we have designed a product to improve your quality of life.

We know that there is a significant amount of Scandinavian that opt to spend the warm winters in our country (Spain), seeking the Sun and escaping from the cold.

Luxury duplex apartments with high quality Scandinavian design furniture.

Social life. We have built a concept with lots of social activities, such as excursions, travel, golf, gym, gastronomy and much more, where the owner without leaving the resort will have the services necessary to improve their quality of life. This makes it easy for owners to settle and make new friends on the Costa del Sol.

Services, which provide quality of life, peace, health and safety.

Specialized programs with the intention of adapting to each owner, to make life in the complex a pleasure for every individual, with many activities that can help them to live healthier and better, such as programs of exercises, massages, heated indoor pool, 2 outdoor pools, Jacuzzi, sauna, therapeutic treatments, nature walks, eating habits, etc.

Profitability for the owners, in order to cover big part of the costs involved in having a high quality property in Spain, offering an exploitation of their property, when not used by the owners (especially in the summer).

These services compared to a conventional home, avoid multiple annual fixed expenses, additional investment of furniture and equipment, a complex with few facilities and no services, lowliness, security problems, communication problems, bureaucratic work on housing, problems with medical services and hospitalization.


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