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The Waiting Room at the Oasis Dental Clinic

Aesthetics and Health meet at Oasis Dental Clinic

Many years ago people visited the dentist only when agonising toothache drove them to it. Later on, a more healthy (in all senses of the word) relationship with dental health emerged and patients started to recognise the importance of regular check-ups and following preventative advice to ensure long term dental health.

Fast forward half a century or so and we expect not only to keep our teeth for a lifetime but we now also want the dazzling smiles that we see beaming out at us from the pages of our favourite celebrity magazines. Fortunately dental technology has been able to keep pace with our expectations, so the only remaining challenge is to find a dentist who is skilled and up to date to provide a full range of cosmetic dental treatments and can also do so in a manner that offers reassurance to the most phobic patient.

Dr. Nina King of the Oasis Dental Clinic in Marbella’s Avenida Ricardo Soriano not only has considerable experience but she is one of a select few in the UK registered as a specialist in prosthodontics. This means that Dr. King can create the perfect smile from tooth whitening and replacement of grey fillings to full mouth rehabilitation including rebuilding worn teeth, implant placement to close spaces and correcting underlying problems with the “bite”. The Oasis Dental Clinic team also includes an experienced anaesthesiologist, who offers intravenous sedation, a safe way to ensure anxious patients are in a state of total relaxation while remaining co-operative. All aspects of general dentistry are provided.

Dr. King believes that this is a golden era for dentistry, but it is also a challenging time as improvements in cosmetic treatments invite professionals to continually educate themselves in order to keep up with the latest developments. She is a member of several professional organisations including the American Academy of Cosmetic dentistry, and constantly attends conferences, reads literature and partakes in web seminars so that she and her staff can be at the forefront of the profession.

“Patients expectations of their dentists has certainly grown and with information readily being available on the web many patients are becoming more aware of their treatment options. In addition patients are starting to recognise that, like medicine, dentistry has certain specialities. While most general dentists are competent in all fields the same way you wouldn´t go to a cardiologist if you were having stomach problems, in the mouth there has been more emphasis on a specialist focusing on specific types of treatments including cosmetic dentistry. She says. “With all the equipment and materials available to us these days there is no reason why we can’t all aspire to have the perfect smile.”

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