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Look Your Best Fitness and Lifestyle Studio Puerto Banus

High-Tech Training Method for better health, improved quality of life and surprising results.

Look Your Best offers a highly effective personalized training method which uses smart technology to deliver the best results.

Their exclusive studio close to El Cort Ingles offers fast, targeted, effective personal training. It combines muscular stimulation technology (EMS), a gentle and bespoke 20 minute workout and nutritional advice for maximum results. Just one 20 minute session is equivalent to 90-120 minutes in the gym, so it saves time, reduces impact on joints, activates muscles and makes clients feel great.

What is EMS?

EMS is a method of stimulating muscles using light and painless electric impulses. It replicates the natural principal of our central nervous system sending electrical impulses to control our muscle action and applies it to training for fitness and health.

Electrodes, in a comfortable and easy to use body suit, activate more than 300 muscles simultaneously, including the hard to reach deep muscle layer which protects our skeleton and improves stability. Whilst this is happening a personal trainer guides you through exercises for highly effective training results in a short time. A personal trainer controls each muscle group and the intensity of training according to individual goals.

Research shows that this training is significantly more effective than a conventional fitness workout, because the impulses combined with exercise activates 90% of muscles. Without straining tendons or joints amazing results can be achieved no matter what the age, fitness level or health of the individual.

EMS technology can be tailored to the goals of the individual, such as to burn calories and lose weight, reduce cellulite or improve endurance and strength for peak sporting performance. Studies have also shown that it is an effective way to combat back pain, help people to recover from injury and treat incontinence.

Look Your Best have brought together a combination of this cutting edge technology, highly qualified trainers and an exclusive environment to help people achieve their goals, safely and with maximum privacy.

The studio is located in Calle Ramon Areces, Marina Banús, Edificio III Local 3, Puerto Banús and trial sessions are available for 25€. Visit for more information and to book or like the Look Your Best Facebook page


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