Sr Lott from Villa Marina Action Group
Sr Lott from Villa Marina Action Group

Directors of La Sala Group in court in Marbella and battling authorities in the UK

On the 22nd September 2014 in Marbella, a court hearing took place after La Sala Group’s chairman Ian Radford and premier league football agent Robert Segal were accused of assault by the representative of a local residents group – the Villa Marina Action Group. The group’s representative Mr. Lott was allegedly manhandled and threatened, along with threats made against others in the residents’ group. In court the judge heard all the evidence and will return a verdict shortly.

The Villa Marina Action Group was formed more than two years ago when over 300 local property owners decided they could no longer put up with the anti-social noise, bad behaviour and constant disturbance at what is today known as La Sala By The Sea. This court case is just one in a number of complaints and issues that the group has had with the beach club. Today Mr. Lott arrived with his lawyer to present his case and gave a statement to the awaiting press, but somehow the accused were able to arrive and leave the courthouse unseen, without giving their comments to the media.

La Sala Group continues to run La Sala By The Sea as a beach club, but contravening so many regulations and laws that they have amassed fines of over €150,000. This summer, the swimming pool at the premises was deemed to contravene many regulations and resulted in a large fine and an immediate closure notice from the Health & Safety Department. However, it continues to be open despite concerns about dangers to public safety.

The raised sun bed platforms and pool extensions, which were built without any permissions from the council, have also resulted in demolition orders from the Town Hall of Marbella; however the Town Hall has yet to execute these orders.

Controversy is rife as to how the La Sala group have managed to continue operating their beach establishment without the correct permissions and despite the complaints of local residents. Meetings with Town Hall and regional government officials have been fruitless and they have not offered any help to local residents to resolve this matter.

Meanwhile in the UK, England footballers Alex Oxlade-Chamerlain and Raheem Sterling, among other premier league footballers who finance the La Sala group of companies have lost their late night opening and music licence for their new UK venue in Woodford.

The local council rejected the application for a 2am opening licence and granted a conditional restaurant license until 11.30pm with no admittance after 10pm. Councillors were very pleased with the result and stated that “This must not be a nightclub and must only be a restaurant. We do not want TOWIE here in our quiet conservation village.” La Sala’s lawyers are planning to appeal to the high court which residents believe shows their total lack of concern for their wishes and the council’s decision. Football agent Robert Segal, one of the major shareholders, refused to comment on the failure to obtain the night club license.

Note: The lawyer’s name is Javier Guerrero and his number is 639 956 045 and he is happy to answer any questions on this matter.