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Thomas Stork,

Thomas Stork, Executive Chef of Hotel Puente Romano named Best Chef in Andalucía

In February Thomas Stork was awarded the accolade of Best Chef in Andalucia as part of the Andalucian Gastronomy Awards 2013. Thomas is currently the Executive Chef responsible for the cuisine across the numerous restaurants in the Hotel Puente Romano and this award is a high point in a long and illustrious career.

This German born chef began his culinary career at just 14, working in a very humble kitchen, learning the basic skills and gaining a passion for food. In 1992 he moved to a Michelin star kitchen and from there got his dream job working in the three Michelin star restaurant La “Residenz Heinz Winkler”. He said “I started working with Heinz Winkler in 1994 and it was better than the best university. Working there was a dream of all aspiring chefs and for me to come from a small restaurant in a little town to form a big part of his kitchen team was really an honour and privilege. It was there that I learned to play in the Premier League in cooking terms, everything I am today I owe to Heinz Winkler and not a day goes by without me thanking God for the opportunity.”

From there he moved to a highly fashionable restaurant in Munich cooking for the city’s celebrities. After a year he got a call from Winkler who had signed a contract to oversee a restaurant in a luxury hotel on the Costa del Sol and he needed a team he could trust to move over. Just four weeks later he arrived at the Hotel Las Dunas and worked there for ten years, earning it a Michelin star in the process.

Following two years at sea setting up fine dining restaurants on cruise ships, he returned to Spain to work at Hotel Los Monteros for three happy years. But he knew he wanted to get back into the “premiere league”, so jumped at the opportunity to become the Executive Chef of Hotel Puente Romano in 2011. Since then he has been an integral part of developing the wide range of restaurants at the hotel as well as the reputation as a gastronomic destination.
He commented; “In my opinion the Hotel Puente Romano is the best hotel on the Costa del Sol and so I am delighted that I am able to win this prestigious prize as part of their team and shine a light on the extraordinary gastronomy that the hotel is producing. Many years of hard work have been recognized in the prize and I am delighted for myself and also for the whole team at the hotel.”

The Hotel Puente Romano boasts seven wonderful places for dining, drinking or dancing the night away to suit a range of tastes and occasions. More information

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