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About Us

Speak Up Spanish is an online school of Spanish as a foreign language. It is the virtual platform of Onspain. You will learn here easily with the help of specialised and native teachers who will motivate you in your learning process.

Many students already trust our flexible method to develop their communicative competences in the Spanish language. Our customized learning system will support you during your study. With our video conference and other interesting tools, you will learn the most difficult issues of the language. Forget books and software, Speak Up Spanish is a virtual classroom.

Good reasons to choose Speak Up Spanish:

–Speak Up Spanish offers interesting courses that adapt to your needs.
–Courses are flexible. It means that you can study from anywhere. You only need a computer and broadband internet service.
–You will learn Spanish with a personal teacher who will guide and motivate you.
–The teachers are native and have a university degree in Philology. They are also postgraduated in a master as a teacher of Spanish.
–All the material is designed and evaluated by the academy manager.
–You will have interesting learning material and tools that will enhance your learning.
–You will enjoy free sessions with your teacher and peers in order to deal with difficult topics of the language.
–You do not have to pay lot of money to get a quality course.

Our main concern

Is for you to have an excellent experience of learning, and making even the most difficult topics easy.

Courses and material

Speak Up Spanish offers different levels (A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1), a conversation course (B1- B2) and DELE preparation according to the European Frame of Reference for the Languages. If you are a beginner student or have some knowledge of Spanish, you will find an attractive online methodology that will allow you improving and mastering the language.

Speak Up Spanish offers very useful tools to practice the language: chat, forum, videoconference, videos, songs, etc.

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