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Magic Marketing at Málaga CF


Málaga CF released one of the most ingenious adverts ahead of their La Liga clash against Real Madrid at La Rosaleda, encouraging the fans to support their local team.

In the tongue-in-cheek video (below), a man is shown painting the trademark blue stripes of Málaga, down the front of a Real Madrid shirt, before asking the fans to chose a side and support Málaga CF.

“There comes a moment in life, when you need to make decisions,” declares the poster.

“You can’t have two teams. Support your team!”

Full article on Inside Spanish Football


Sadly it was not to be. Real Madrid won 1-0 with Cristiano Ronaldo scoring. The win kept Málaga in danger of relegation whilst the Madrid side stayed in top position, just a neck ahead of Atlético Madrid and FC Barcelona.

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