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After all the hope and expectation with the money being poured in and star players arriving by the limo-load, there was still the little matter of getting results. At one stage it looked like it could all be going wrong but after a good run in the Spring the club was able to qualify for Europe with a 4th place in the league. Then it ALL went wrong!

Huge amounts have been written (and some had an element of truth!) but probably the best overview in English is by Inside Spanish Football.
They start: The summer has been full of turmoil at La Rosaleda with huge debts to pay off despite being owned by the super rich Sheik Al Thani, who seems unwilling to dip into his own pockets to help the club out, with the threats of expulsion from the champions league and even relegation looming.

Money was owed to several of the teams players, and other Spanish clubs including Villarreal, who were still due money over the Santi Cazorla deal last summer.

Rumours of the club being sold have been quashed, with the club releasing a statement saying they were preparing the club for the new UEFA fair play rules that come in to play next summer, and to do this they needed to sell some of their star players.

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