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“Málaga Business Minds”

‘Málaga Business Minds’ is shaking up the business community here in sunny Spain. Málaga Business Minds is a business networking group that was recently launched in Málaga in order to support local businesses by providing seminars and networking opportunities.

Local and international business owners come together from East and West of Málaga to meet and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs. During the monthly events, presentations are given by international motivational speakers with the chance to interact, or business workshops are arranged, providing opportunities to learn various business tools and resources. Of course, there is lots of time for networking and to create new connections.

The Group’s founder, Nami Haghighi is a business Coach and mentor and has an abundance of drive and passion to help businesses succeed. His vision has brought this group together and very positive feedback from members fuels its continued growth and success.

To find out more about ‘Málaga Business Minds’ and the monthly events join the Facebook Group


Photos by Aleksandra Olejnik

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