The most direct way to get from Malaga airport to your holiday destination

Preparing a stress free itinerary for a family holiday can be incredibly challenging these days. Much effort is required to locate suitable accommodation, planning things to do whilst staying within your budget and deciding on the most convenient way to get to your holiday resort, all require careful consideration.

Transport options from Malaga airport

With more and more passengers flying into Malaga airport, there can be huge number of people queueing for taxis. What this means is longer waiting times at the busy taxi rank located outside of Arrivals. If you’re travelling alone and patience is one of your best virtues, then this may be a viable option. If you are travelling with children in the heat of summer, the probability is that you won’t be able to wait until a vehicle becomes available. There are of course cheaper alternatives such as the public bus, however there are no direct buses to the east of Malaga from the airport, therefore having to catch two buses may not be an option for you. Even hiring a car can eat up an hour’s time having to hang around for your turn, and that’s before you start filling out forms and getting your driver’s licence photocopied.

Arranging a private transfer from Malaga airport to any destination on the Costa del Sol, is an ideal way to start your holiday. Booking a transfer takes away all the time waiting in lines and gives you peace of mind knowing that someone will be looking out to meet you at the airport.

Here are a few further benefits of choosing a private airport taxi transfer;


The flight from the UK to Malaga may be short within itself, however the hours spent getting to your local airport and entertaining children whilst waiting for your flight, all adds up to a tiring day. Arranging for a driver to be waiting for you upon arrival and even wanting to help you with your luggage, maybe the ‘stuff dreams are made of’ when your exhausted. In a matter of minutes, you will be on the road rather than having to join another queue. Without a doubt, this the most convenient way of getting from Malaga airport to your hotel.


Unlike a regular taxi that can only carry up to four passengers and a limited amount of luggage, having an arranged transfer gives you the option of selecting a vehicle that best suits your needs. If you’re booking transport for a client, Malaga airport transfers even give you free upgrades to luxury vehicles.

Special needs and requests

If you require a child safety seat or a vehicle fitted out for passengers with disabilities, it’s easy to make a request during the initial enquiry process. Not all local taxi companies will be able to provide for your specific needs.


If it’s your first trip to Malaga’s thriving airport, arranging your transport in advance means that you won’t have to struggle finding your way down to the taxi rank. Malaga airport is extremely busy and navigating your way around can be confusing for the first time visitor. Knowing that someone will be ready to greet you in the arrivals hall gives you peace of mind and also stops ‘pirate’ taxi drivers from approaching you.

Reassurance from knowing the cost up front

When you reserve your transfer, you will be quoted a price that you will pay to the driver when you reach your hotel or holiday rental. There are no added costs for luggage, road tolls or any add-ons of any kind. You won’t even need to pay up front over the internet.

Why not find out for yourself how much nicer it is to start your holiday to Malaga by being met at the airport. It may not be as expensive as you might think, and a transfer arranged in advance can work out cheaper than a regular taxi, and without any hidden surprise charges.