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Hammam Al Andalus

Hammam Al Andalus Arab Baths

Hammam Al Andalus captures the essence of the ancient Arab Baths of Al Andalus. It is composed of five thermal baths at different temperatures, a steam and a hot stone room, the tea corner, the scent corridor and the massage room. All of it form an architectonic ensemble of great beauty for its Nazari decoration which induces relaxation of body and mind.

A spacious place where you can relive the splendour of that era. Located in the centre, in the old Medina, very close to the ruins of the city’s old Arab wall, these Arabic baths are infused with the warm and luminous atmosphere that is so characteristic of the area, and recreate the social ritual of Andalusia that is currently attracting most interest.

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Address: Plaza de los Mártires 5 (City Centre)
Phone: +34 952 215 018

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