This is Spain


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The city of Málaga is to be evacuated overnight. 150.000 people will have to walk 200km along an open coastal road towards Almeria, whilst being pursued by Italian tanks, bombed by German aircraft and shelled by Rebel Nationalist ships. The weak and frail, the innocent and vulnerable will all be abandoned to the chaos and inhumanity of adults at war. There will be little food, transport or fresh water. Nourished only by hope and driven by fear, exposed to the elements and to enemy fire, they will walk through the day and through the night. Many however, will never reach the safety of Almería and those that do, will only arrive with the help of one man: Norman Bethune the Canadian doctor. A man who will later be accused of spying and betrayal and will be eventually be pushed out of Spain by the very people he had come to assist.

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